Arnova 10 G2 improved custom firmware update (full root, increased app storage space)


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  1. Hi there

    New to all this but love the update, i might be asking a silly one but i am having a problem with usb memory sticks not tried a hdd yet. can any of you help me out because i cant find anything in the settings about the usb mode and how to turn it on and off.


  2. Just flashed mine about 20 mins ago was a bit sceptical to start off with but followed the instructions anyway it was perfect thanks very much for the time and effort that has gone in to this

    Arnova 10G2 bought from HMV

  3. I have followed every step word for word
    the only issue i am having so far is that whenever i try to install the driver software it keeps saying « error: driver is not intended for this platform » i am running windows 7.
    can anyone help?

  4. hiii all, thanks alot for this firmware, but I have a problem when installed market, when I loggod in this message always appeared

    “This could be a temporary problem or your phone may not be provisioned for data services.”

    what this mean???

    • I had the similar problem and sorted out the following way.

      1. Uninstalled both Arctools and market.
      2. Googled the market.apk and downloaded the market from ‘’
      3. Save the apk file on my SD card, used the files app to locate and install the market.

      And I was all fine.

  5. Everything flashed very well. The only issue I had was trying to sign into google when launching the market for the first time. I got and error…

    « This could be a temporary problem or your phone may not be provisioned for data services. »

    Maybe Google is just having issues???

  6. Absolute knock out mate! It works like a charm and I swear it runs better and the WiFi is working far better than the stock, might be just me though, LOL!

    Something for you Mac users ( and Linux too ).

    I only have an iMac running OSX. I tried to run Windows 7 in BootCamp and it crapped out on me, so in order to run this heres what I did. I actually used Oracle’s VirtualBox VM software and I built a Windows XP SP3 ( using Tiny’s XP SP3 ISO ) VM system. I then installed the RK29 flashing drivers. I plugged the Arnova10G2 into the Mac ( direct into the back not via a USB hub ) then it showed up through the VM! I then took a big chance and started the flashing…it worked perfect it occasionally dropped off the VM, so I simply reconnect it via the VM interface USB control.

    Finally when the Arnova rebooted I nearly passed out holding my breath, then the funky green boot screen flashed up and I was over the moon!!!

    It is possible to flash the Arnova unit via VirtualBox ( probably VMWare too ) although it’s most likely not recommended but I can confirm it works if you are on Mac OSX or Linux.


  7. This is brilliant staff! Thanks to Finless and Bob. The expanded internal memory for Apps installation is a great bonus, I can now install loads of apps.

    However, there are some issues I would like to report.

    One – After installation my 8gb Storage has turned into a 6.20 GB one! Is this expected?

    Two – The Camera does not seem to work. I had to reboot a few times and only then the camera would work. Skype does not work with video, does not show video from the other end and also does not capture my video.

    Three – Battery back up is a lot efficient than the original rom.

    Anyway a big thanks for this good work and look forward to the next release!

    • I bricked my last Philly Tablet with that last bogus Firmware update. It was still under warranty so they sent me a new one. I bought a Toshiba Thrive 16 Gb and today I sold the Arnova at a lost, because I thought no one would do a firmware update. Well 12 hours after I sold the thing I get an Google alert stating that a new root was available, geez what timing. I really liked that tablet, it had the loudest speakers and it would play any video content I threw at it.

    • Hello Harold.

      The reason everyone talks about the difference between Philly 10 g2 and the standard 10 g2 is as follows: You will lose your apps for the Philly Newspaper and the standard install apps that come with it. if you can down load those you should be fine « With login »

      I just loaded this rom on my Philly 10 g2 without one single issue… was rather simple and very easy. have fun!

      • I ran this update on my Philly Arnova 10 G2 over the weekend. Had absolutely zero problems (my first tablet ended up bricked — must have had bad memory chips), and have already seen my first Titanium backups successfully completed, and all apps (the one’s that I *really* want) installed again —- and still have hundreds of megabytes free now (I was down to 30 megs free before rooting).

        Highly recommended, and not really much more complicated than rooting my Android phone and flashing a custom ROM on it.

        • HI…I recently purchased teh PHilly tablet.. and am very interested in trying this new firmware.. I just have a few questions before I try.
          1)What happens to the Daily News and Inquirer apps? do you ahve to reinstall them? Does this affect the subscriptions at all?
          2)Does this update work well with video chat, like skype?
          3)Is Android Market included?

          Thanks for your help. I’m really excited about this new tablet, and with the deal that the Inquirer offered, it would just be awesome to effectively upgrade this device! I think it has a ton of potential.

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