[Mise à jour] Firmware pour Arnova 10 avec Android Market et root – kasty-arn10-21-02.zip


You can also check our Android 2.2 (Froyo) update for the Arnova 10.

With the help of BirdieBNL, we are proud to bring you, Kasty, a custom firmware Android 2.1 for the Arnova 10 tablet. It provides Android Market and root access to the Arnova 10 device.

This firmware is available for download here: kasty-arn10-21-02.zip

This firmware is specific to the Arnova 10 and should not be installed on other devices.



Firmware update procedure:

  • Connect your device to the electricity socket, fully charge it and leave the socket connected
  • Unzip the update.img file out of the zip archive
  • Copy the img file to the root of your device
  • Unmount USB on your device, it should give a prompt similar to this one:
  • Push the Install button and follow the update procedure
  • You can also refer to our flashing procedure page for more details.

    0.2 (2011/04/03) Updated Android Market, Added Appslib and Gmail applications.
    0.1 (2011/03/19) Initial release

    Thanks to Cajl for his help testing this firmware.


      • Hi,

        Nice to know you found a way to root the Arnova 10G2 and have the Android market on it.


        It would be nicer if you share some instructions on how you did it.
        Other people who have the Arnova 10G2 like me, also want to achieve this.

        So please tell us how you did it.
        Thanks in advance.

      • I was wondering too where the camera went. What I did was to download from the market some simple camera app and tried them..some of the did work..the simpler the app the better….one thing I would like to know is why the skype can not get pass the log in window..it always says the it could not log in…anybody knows this…

        ps..and also is there a way to install flash player for this firmware????

    1. Got the Arnova 10b in today (model A10 1b2).
      But I cannot seem to be able to update firmware.. it tells me the firmware is invalid and « do you want to delete it? » yes/no…

      Any way to fix this, or is there a update coming? Hope so your project seems realy nice to me..

    2. Hi Admin
      I am new user of arnova 10 and I have several,may be stupid, questions.
      1-What is so speciall with android market over appslib (that comes with arnova), that every one want to migrate to kasty?
      2-how can I make usb 3g modem work on arnova 10
      3-Is the original update is android 2.2 available now because I have 1.1.7
      4-How can I make skype work on arnova 10. For the time being it does not want to connect
      Thank you for your help

      • 1- appslib have nothing interesting
        2- you can’t
        3- no its not original its trial/beta version it worked for some people and some people have there tablets down for sometime

        4- there is no skype , MSN and facebook applications for arnova

      • Connect the tablet via the usb cable to the computer with the update on it and copy the file to the tablet. The tablet should recognize the update file when you disconnect it from the computer and asj you if you want to upgrade say yes and watch it work!

        Good luck!

    3. As I see so far, the USB drive does not work and the unit will not turn off when charging. Hope there will be a fix for these issues soon.
      The good news is that you can overclock your Arnova 10 using CpuBoostLite. You can find it on Market. If anyone know a better app for doing that, hope to leave us a reply.

      • I just recently received my Arnova 10 tablet. I installed the Froyo (kasty) firmware thinking it was needed. Everything seemed fine. Now I have a constant black screen (bricked device). I would like to know what can be done to restore from this state. I have connected the tablet to my PC in attempt to flash back to the original settings, but I cannot mount the device because my tablet screen is BLACK. I do not know what to do. Can someone plz assist me ASAP.

    4. btw. Since with this version, the marketplace does not work for many of the apps (yet), you can just use a brower (i prefer OPERA), and go to http://www.androidfreeware.org and download ‘apps installer’, then you can go and search for w/e you want (i.e. bible, evernote, batterylife, etc) and just select the ‘.apk’ file at the bottom and download and install it and you’re all set even tho the marketplace is messed up.

    5. Hi, just bought an arnova 10 with the firmwar update installed in, but I can get my usb drives to work and also there is an annoying short sound coming out the speaker all the time. sorry i’m a newbie, don’t to if try to solve this or give back the tablet! thanks in advance, greetings from italy

    6. I have tested this firmware after first upgrading to the other, 2.2 firmware, and I prefer this one. The market works (you can even see what you type when searching!), gmail, wifi, etc working well. I also like that the 2.1 cfw has the apps that came with the device, as I liked the built in pdf reader.

    7. I did the 2.1 update, but I didn’t do it with a fully charged battery, now it seems my tablet isn’t charging anymore. Any ideas what I should do? I only have 11% battery left…

      Should I go back to the original firmware?
      Anyone who had the same issue?


    8. I used this Updated Arnova 10 custom firmware with Android Market and root – kasty-arn10-21-02.zip on my Arnova 10, but somethig is missing,,,I can’t access into my
      USBdrive pen inserted on the Arnova 10, I did the options settings >USB made select> HOST MODE selected and when i try to access at USB driver pen ,it shows me:

      « The USB device has been unmounted » message

      Do you know from where I can get the driver USB for Arnova 10 ?

      And Also the driver for the internal Camera?
      because the quality of the pictures and video got compromised with this update,

      in the moment of try to record video it shows green points over the image, and the options of video are blur,

      Also don’t work The Flash player 10.1 or 10.2.apk, and the adobe Showcase.apk when you try open webpages with contend of flash as Youtube or facebook

      How might be fixed the flash compatibility?

    9. Hi, I bought the Arnova 10 and loaded the kasty-arn10-21-02.zip update to get more applications. It seemed to load ok but then when the system rebooted it shows a screen with the time, date and (No Service) I can’t do anything with it. How do I get this thing to work again? I don’t know how to unlock it?

      Any help would be very much appreciated.

      • I just found out how to unbrick Kasty etc. with the Arnova 10
        The img file mentioned above that is supposed to return it to normal must have been corrupted on download. It was stuck at the android system recovery utility, using the volume buttons I could move the cursor up and down, but no way to select factory reset. It wouldn’t turn off.

        I unplugged it first.
        There is a small pin hole near the power plug. Use a small pin to push in there. I was scared when I couldn’t power it back up, but after 30 seconds or so, it rebooted.

    10. Arnova 10 support host USB 3G Modems? If answer is NO, please tell me why? Becouse software+driver missing or hardware incompatibility(hardware onboard usb controller is limited to mass storage)? If it is software+driver missing, will add support for this devices in the future with a moddified firmware? Tank you!

      • Hi everyone
        I ask the same question about usb 3G modem.

        I am new in this. so I want to ask about what is special with android market compared to appslib that you want to migrate to kasty, specially and as I see here, it has a lot of bugs

      • few more tidbits
        with kasty bencgmarkpi score of 8120 – 8399 pretty high = bad, but its more the tablet then the kasty rom, if anyone has a oem os running and can run benchmarkpi please post the averages to see if there is any change.
        also benchmarks for an3dbenchxl never had more then 2fps with total score 1151 in comparison the xoom is in the 24000 area but again hardware more then anything but I would love to hear of non rooted models results against these made after this update.. pretty sure they will be comparable but even a few points in either direction could prove useful

    11. Arnova 10 a101b 10″ with Resistive Screen Clocked at 311.29Mhz Using CPU MODEL: ARM926EJ-S rev 5 (v5l) WHO IS ARNOVA KIDDING!!!!!!!!!!! Rip off! I baught this thing expecting a rockchip. This is total BS. And thing of it all its Android 1.1.5 Firmware. I called their 1800 number. They told me this was saposed to be clocked at 600mhz. Thats Arnova I love how you RIP off your customers. So When you release your new Arnova 10 with 1ghz process. It better have it. Dont just go and say its 1ghz when you clock it at 500mhz. Also… Your firmware NEEDS A update so GET THAT UP ON your website ASAP. Wifi stalls after like 15 minutes of use. Constantly have to disable/re-enable. The speaker on the back of it pops randomly when on standby. I love to hear that fuzzy sound of a speaker being on when that should turn off too. Would most likely make the battery last longer if that was fixed. Its like they tossed Android on this hardware without giving it some drivers LOL

    12. This is nothing but pure joy! Added the update via USB & it was instantly detected and prompts to install.

      You know how nice it is to read something on the ‘Net and it works as advertised?!? Well done, Guys! Market is there, Gmail is there, everything you said – IS THERE!

      Looking forward to seeing what you do with 2.2 and beyond!

      Many, many thanks!


    13. I’m testing the Arnova 10 for about 6 days now and you guys are very fast in developing new CFW for this device. Thx for the great work, but i wonder about the OFW version. Mine said 1.1.7 and the file on the server says 1.1.5. Is there anybody who has this newer OFW and knows how to backup the OFW? Just want to know,if i’m going to sell the Arnova in the future. I’m awaiting the Froyo update. Hope you guys will release it soon.
      Keep the good work up 🙂

    14. Firmware is great, access to market , youtube ect. However I can’t turn off the unit itself when charging, I have to leave it in « suspend » to charge. USB host only works with thumbdrives , not cameras or card readers. I don’t know which is the Arnova 10 or the firmware. Also superuser seems only to have access to log related functions , would be great if I could change thing like start up lag and softkey layout as in firmware for 7HT v2

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