Editeur de paramètres dans ArcTools


ArcTools new release (0.48) now includes a powerful Settings Editor to help you customize your Tablet.
Among other things it can help you to move the lateral softkey buttons to the top notification bar.

This new feature has been successfully tested on Archos Gen8 devices: Archos 101, 70, 43, 32 and 28 Internet Tablet. Because the Settings Editor uses low level system functions, it needs root access to your device, so you need to temporarly root it (at least for first run) with a tool such as Archangel.

Quick video showing the Settings Editor in action, to move the SoftKey buttons to the notification area.

Detailed procedure – Device editor initial setup

1. First, make sure your device is rooted. You need a temporary root, at least on first run, to let ArcTools have the permissions to create the settings file. When the file has been created, you should be able to run the Settings Editor without needed root anymore.
2. Click on Settings icon in the Tab bar

3. Click Allow to let ArcTools have SuperUser access

4. You should see a message confirming that ArcTools has just been granted permissions.

5. You are now ready for some device customization.

Modifying system settings

1. Select the setting you want to modify.

2. Edit the value and press Save button

You will see the file content gets updated.

Press Delete button if you want to restore default setting on that item

After Saving or Deleting items you need to reboot your devices for the changes to take effect.

Thanks to xda-developers.com, here is a short list of interesting settings. We will update this list as more settings gets discovered. Don’t hesitate to let us know if you have new settings to contribute.

Key Value Usage
ro.board.has_buttonbar no Move lateral softkeys to Notification area
ro.HOME_APP_ADJ 1 Fix home lag


  1. The delete option doesn’t work. Right now my 101 has no top softkeys or right side soft keys. The only way I can get soft keys is through the buttons mode. How do I restore it so have right hand side softkeys?!

    Thanks in advance.

    • If you are having problems with the setup, you can use an advanced file explorer such as Root explorer to delete the file /data/local.prop
      You can also use an ADB shell
      and enter: rm /data/local.prop

      This will delete the faulty local.prop file.
      You should then reboot to get back your default configuration.

  2. Nice product. Most things work just fine.

    After installing Arctools .48 Marketplace works fine, but the microphone seems not be be available for some apps. There is no voice input option in the settings. The sound recording utility works and records just fine, but Skype and Shazam seem not to work. They are not really needed for my needs, but fun to have. Other people may like them more.

    • Please wait a few minutes/hours until Archos validates ArcTools on Appslib.
      Currently, it is at least visible on Appslib on Archos 70 IT.
      New keys will be added following the community feedback and requests, they will be dynamically added and won’t require ArcTools application update.

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