Les nouvelles d’ArcTools – Installer Google Market sur votre Archos IT, tutoriel vidéo


New tutorial video for the Market installation:

ArcTools has been updated to version 0.36 (you can check revision history here), you can download it by searching ArcTools in Appslib directly on your tablet (instructions here) or you can download it here

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This new release brings some minor user interface enhancements, a fully functional Market 2.2.7 to all Archos 101/70/43/32/28 Internet Tablet Gen8 devices. ArcTools runs on your device on every firmware, included the oldest 1.0.84 (Eclair / Android 2.1-update 1). The application is translated in Czech, Dutch, French, German, Italian, Japanese and Spanish. If you want to help translating ArcTools in your language, please check here.

You now have 3 download choices for Market and Apps installation in ArcTools:

  1. Default Apps & Market: brings the minimum applications and original Market (this is the recommended choice)
  2. Default Apps & Market v2.2.7: brings the minimum applications and latest Market
  3. Applications only package (Flash,Gmail,Maps,Youtube): Optional package to install after  Default Apps & Market (original or 2.2.7). You should not require this package if you properly installed ArcTools and eventually applied the Market Fix. This optional package offered for convenience, but should be considered only as a short term solution for those who did not manage to get the Flash, Google Gmail, Maps and Youtube thru the Market. Please note that installing this package may cause upgrading issues for the installed applications thru the Market. If needed, you should be able to uninstall these apps thru ArcTool remove application feature.

After installing ArcTools, when you have the Market running, if you are missing some applications in the Market (for example Google Maps, Youtube, …) there is a fix that should correct the problem and give you full access to Market applications.

You may also want to check ArcTools Tutorial (not fully up to date) here


  1. This looks like a good tool but it does not work on Archos 7 HT running 2.1 when trying to install the applications. It says it downloads and then when I click install I see copy command errors on the screen but then it says that it installed ok and to reboot. I suspect the location it copies to or from (more likely from) is not writeable which is why it fails. There are other portions of the tool and they work fine. It would be really nice to get this tool working. A little better error checking would be ok also.


  2. Thank you, that was the best market installing experience. I’m still using firmware 1.0.84 on my Archos 101 and your version 0.35 worked beautifully (on a fully formatted device).

    I have a question about the « remove » feature: what can be removed without breaking the market as the market is the only Google app I need ? Thank you again.

    • Bassam,
      App removal feature is mainly done for those installing the « Applications only package ». There are no specific recommendations on removing applications from « Default Apps & Market » packages, so you may keep everything. it does not take much disk/memory space nor system resources…
      Best wishes for 2011 !

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