Quick look at Archos Media info scraper feature on Gen8 and Gen9 devices


Archos recently introduced a Media info scraper feature on Gen8 firmwares. This nice function let you get the poster and synopsis for your favorite movies, series and anime. It uses the movie file name and Internet databases to retrieve these data. To activate it, you can use the Details menu from the file browser in the Videos application, or while playing the movie, press Menu softbutton then Info button. Push “Get Movie database info” button to start the information retrieval process (it should take just a few seconds).

If guessing the movie information from the file name gives ambiguous choices, a menu is given to let you decide which one is accurate.

Archos Gen9 devices should heavily rely on this feature automatically download these information, display the movie poster in the carousel and sort your movies by title, actor, directory, year, season, episode


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