Archos Gen8 remote control feature


Archos 2.3.20 firmware for Gen8 devices introduced a new remote control feature. It helps you to control your Archos Gen8 device (running Firmware 2.2.x) from another Archos or Android device. This is specially usefull if your device is connected to a TV thru HDMI and you want to control it from distance (on your sofa ;)).

On host device (to be controlled):

  • Go to > Settings > Wireless & networks > Remote control settings
  • Check the item Discoverable

  • Take note of the pairing key (case sensitive), you will need it from the client device.

On the client device (taking control):

  • Download and install Archos Remote Control application.
  • (you can obtain it thru Appslib:
    or Android Market

    Archos Gen8 Devices with firmware 2.3.20 (or later) installed should have the application installed by default.

  • Make sure the host and client devices are connected thru WIFI on the same network
  • Start the Archos Remote Control Application
  • You should see the host device in the list.

  • Select the device to control
  • Enter the pairing key (you noted in previous step)
  • You can now control your remote device using the cursor keys.
    Soft buttons (search, home, back and menu have also been replicated)
  • You can also control video or music playing (start the player on the host device first)

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