Archos G9 review part 1: Introduction and Archos 101 G9 1 GHz unboxing


Unboxing video of an Archos 101 G9 (1 Ghz model) from the Archos G9 family.


  1. Why do people think lots of RAM and lots of GHz define a processing system? I thought the generations of people nowadays have more knowledge of technology and not less?

    Lots of RAM and lots of GHz just take away from the energy household that the system needs…and why bother with RAM and GHz if it is not needed.

    HD Movies and cool games can’t be the reason that people want that…why?

    Because the Nintendo Wii only has about 0,7 GHz and my cheap Blu-Ray Player can play HD movies from USB without RAM and big processors.

    Remember the AMD XP processor? Had way, way less GHz then Pentium 4…but was way better and way faster.

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