Test Archos G9 partie 3: Benchmark Archos 101 G9 1 GHz vs Asus TF101 vs Archos 101 IT vs Arnova 10 G2


Désolé, cet article est seulement disponible en Anglais Américain.


  1. There is a TYPO that need to be corrected. On the table, you wrongly listed « Arnova G2 as Dual-Core (2) on Cortex A8. In reality, all Cortex-A8 is single core. In your original review of Arnova G2, the screen shot from quadrant also list Arnova G2 as « 1 cpu ».

    Great jobs on the comparison. I really enjoy this websites.

    Thanks to you, I updated my Arnova 10B to Froyo 2.2. However, it suffer from random crash at times. When is the next Froyo updates? Also, is Froyo 2.3 gingerbread possible?

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