Archos firmware update 2.4.19 released for Gen8 devices (Archos 28/32/43/70/101)


Archos has just released a 2.4.19 firmware update for Generation 8 devices (Archos 28/32/43/70/101 Internet Tablets).

Major improvements are:
PowerVR SGX530 GPU clocked at 220MHz instead of 166MHz before
– Skype video chat now works
– Google Music now works

Download Archos Gen8 2.4.19 firmware (from

According to the revision history this updates carries the following changes:

Version 2.4.19 – August 18th, 2011

  • Display: improve UI fluidity

  • Display: suppress black/white screen happening sometimes when exiting suspend

  • Applications: increase compatibility with third party music players

  • Applications: fix black camera image for skype upstream video

  • Video: fix some mp4 files stopping with audio errors

  • Video: fix some H264 streams not decoding correctly

  • Audio: fix some FLAC files not playing correctly

  • Internationalization: improve Spanish, Italian, Dutch translations

Please note that Android Market installed thru ArcTools is still working on this firmware. Tested on an Archos 70 after a Reset Android procedure and ArcTools 0.50 installation (downloaded from Appslib).

As previous firmware version, Archangel rooting method does not work anymore: the application gets stuck on “Please wait”.


  1. Internet problems on Archos28. 1) powersave=disabled is flaky. Plugged in to USB it seems to work, but unplugged after a few minutes URL GETs take 4 times longer. Plugged in, URL GETs take about 23ms to a local server for a small packet, but every 6th GET it takes 60ms! This does not happen on other tablets, e.g. Thrive, so it’s a problem with the Archos. Given the incredibly poor wifi range of the 28 (at 15 feet you may start to see significant delays or outright disconnects) this might not be a showstopper.

  2. anyone know where can i get 2.3.81 anymore? because this firmware seems not to allow my pc to the recognize the device, it just shows the disk icon and nothing else, no free space info no nothing. Tried installing urukdroid 1.5 works fine again but freeze unexpectedly too many times, esply when it comes to flash contents, only 2.3.81 is the best, pls anyone could upload it or know where can i get it, thank you anyway:)

  3. Just upgraded to firmware 2.4.19 on my Archos 70, I am seeing frequent and persistent wireless connection freezes. The only solutions appear to be rebooting the device (works for another 5-10min) or disable/enable the wireless (works for another 2-3min). I think this FW isn’t ready for prime time!

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