Mise à jour 2.1.8 du firmware Archos pour les appareils Gen8 (Archos 28/32/43/70/101)


Please note that Android Market installed thru ArcTools is still working on this firmware. Tested on an Archos 70 after a Reset Android procedure and ArcTools 0.45 installation (downloaded from Appslib). Archangel rooting method still works on this firmware.

New feature:  Online video descriptions / media scrapper:

Download firmware here (from Archos.com)

Releases notes from http://update.archos.com/8/gen8/changes_firmware_archos_android_gen8.htm

Firmware changes

Version 2.1.8 – February 16th, 2011

  • External keyboard layouts: various country layouts are now supported using Settings > Language and keyboard > Select external keyboard layout setting (qwerty us/uk, azerty french, qwertz deutch, latin america spanish, russian, japanese).

  • Proxy: http proxy settings have been enabled for the browser in Settings > Wireless & network > wifi proxy settings.

  • Network shares: introduce an option to enable/disable network share scanning per Wi-Fi Access Point in Wi-Fi authentication dialog box

  • Battery: improve robustness of battery charge status for hard drive based A70it

  • Sound: fix sound level saturation causing loss of audio when playing on speaker

  • Music: fix some MP3 files have bad sound after seeking

  • Video: make some high level H264 HD files play correctly

  • Video: fix black screen on video player resume from suspend for MPEG4 files

  • USB host: fix NTFS UTF8 support

  • Wi-Fi: fix network disabled occurring after several suspend/resume loops

  • Wi-Fi: prevent false state information reported when authenticating/enabling Wi-Fi

  • Multimedia library: avoid deletion of multimedia files happening sometimes on SDCard


    • Hard to say for the moment, there is no official statement from Archos.
      Still, there are hopes as Honeycomb should not have special hardware requirements that prevent Archos Gen8 devices to run.
      If Archos doesn’t offer it, we may get it from independent developments such as UrukDroid.

  1. Hi, I have difficulty in opening and downloading Appslib applications after i have downloaded Appslib version 2.0 for my archos 70 internet tablet. The error message is « Activity Appslib (in application Appslib) is not responding ». I can only choose force close or wait. Any advise on what to do?

  2. Got some problems after updating 2.1.8. I have to connect/disconnect several times power plug to recharging, just freezing… Tried to reinstall. The same things. There’s sign of charging. Status – is Charging and nothing is going on. Fix it please 😀

    • Hi, it happens exactly the same to me; I tried to contact Archos, they told me my device was defective and to return it to shop. But I do beleave it’s a software bug.

      When I plug the charger to the tabled, but leave the charger disconnected from the power line, it changes the status to « charging ». This tells me that they only detect when the charger is plugged to the device, but not detecting the actual power up

  3. After a first Google account error (like yesterday, but I think that now it was a my Wifi problem), it’s all ok with new firmware 2.1.8.

    I’ve completely reformatted the device and istalled new firmware. Then I’ve updated Appslib and installed Arctools to get Android Market.

    Market works.

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