Archos firmware update 2.1.2 released for Gen8 devices (Archos 28/32/43/70/101)


Google Market is still working on this firmware. Tested on an Archos 70 after a Reset Android procedure and ArcTools 0.43 installation (downloaded from Appslib).

Archangel rooting method still works on this firmware.

New feature:  Online video descriptions / media scrapper:

Download firmware here (from

Releases notes from

  • Video: fix some audio glitches after seeking WMA files
  • Video: add support for MTS files
  • Video: bring UTF-8 and UTF-16 encoded subtitles format support
  • Video: fix SUB subtitles sometimes truncated
  • Video: add IDX/SUB subtitle handling
  • Video: fix http://.*mpeg playback
  • Video: support resume and bookmark for network shares
  • Video: fix some FLV files not playing
  • Youtube: fix mobile site video not playing
  • Multimedia: fix RTSP support for Android applications
  • Multimedia: fix some web radio applications by adding basic M3U support
  • Audio: apply shorter steps in audio balance tuning
  • Audio: fix sound glitch on system notification while playing music
  • Music browser: fix album view crash on scroll with a lot of albums
  • Music: support samba protected directory access
  • Thumbnails: resolve thumbs generation freeze
  • Indexing: improve rescan robustness
  • Indexing: fix scanning not restarting after connecting device on PC or ejecting SDCard
  • Network shares: large files (>2GB) can now be played
  • Wi-Fi: fix disabling power saving not working
  • Wi-Fi: enable IEEE802.11n support
  • Wi-Fi: achieve faster reconnection
  • SDCard: fix sdcard removal not being taken into account
  • Storage: enable EXT3 filesystem support and migration
  • USB keyboard: fix external directional keys layout when rotating the device
  • Memory: enable 32MB swap by default and increase it to 64MB after Android reset or full device reformat
  • Applications: fix applications disappearing sometimes between reboots
  • Applications: fix unit not responsive after Google voicesearch use
  • Power management: allow to define deep sleep mode by default in settings/about device/power management
  • VPN: PPTP VPN support has been fixed


  1. bonjour,
    tout d’abord merci pour votre travaille suivi.
    j’aurais un problème à vous soumettre, pour arctab 70 it, furyo.
    je suis abonné orange internet +mobile. la TV d’orange que j’ai installée ne s’active que par réseau 3G lors de la première inscription. elle tourne ensuite indifféremment sous wifi ou 3G. serait-ce possible de l’activer, par une sorte de teethering, ou par transfert de fichier, ou..?

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