Archos CPU SPEED: Android 2.2 at 800 Mhz vs Android 2.1 at 1000 Mhz


I have been doing some tests to check about the CPU clocking on both systems.

I can confirm that on the same Archos 101  IT tablet I am getting the following:

Here is a serie of screenshots from Android 2.1 (Eclair) showing a max clock at 1000 Mhz according to SetCPU

(main screen, Info screen and native benchmark results)

3 Screenshots in the same situation on Android 2.2 (Froyo), the clock is maxed at  800  Mhz:

(main screen, Info screen and native benchmark results)

This raises some questions:

  • why Archos has been underclocking the CPU ? is there any battery issue ? stability problems with the JIT compiler ?
  • is the system stable enough when setting back the CPU at 1000 Mhz on Eclair, with the help of SetCPU on a rooted device.

Finally, some screenshots after pushing the Tablet at 1000 Mhz after rooting the device on Android 2.2

We will be providing here some additional benchmarking information and tips on overclocking the CPU on Froyo’ed tablets.
Update1: please check the following page for more benchmarks on Archos Internet Tablets


  1. Hi all,
    I m sure that Archos hiding something important from users.

    There must be something that they don’t want us to know, so they say “we have lowered the frequency for better battery life…” They don’t have the legitimate right to sell the devices as with 1GHz which only works at 800 MHz frequency.

    It’s up to users to chose between the performance and battery life, not Archos !
    One of the main reason, why I purchased Archos and not other device in same price range, was the CPU 1GHz.
    And I believe that many of us did this choice based on CPU frequency.
    F..@ C. k. Archos for treating their customers this way.

    For me it’s decided – no more Archos products with their paid plug-ins, undergraded CPUs and shi.t..ty AppsLib. Even some Chinese tablets are way better and faster (with market e.t.c.) than Archos tablets.

    I always believed that Archos made low quality products, unfortunately this time i made a mistake and purchased this crap tablet, after being convinced by a friend, who, by the way regrets his purchase also…

    • Well lately, overclocking is a common technique on this type of devices. I did own a “chinese” Witstech A81 tablet that had clocking speed change among firmware releases.
      On one hand I trust Archos in making this downclocking choice as it surely saves batteries (while not really impacting performance if we trust current benchmarks), on the other hand I’d prefer to have the choice and benefit from the fastest speed (when I need it). I am pretty sure that if Archos doesn’t change their mind, the community will help to get back the device at 1 Ghz; there are already working solutions (with the help of temporary root).
      Just by curiosity, can you name some of these chinese tablets that would currently compete with the Archos ones, in term of speed, stability, system integration (video/music players) and having capacitive screens ?
      Regards 😉

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