Archos 97 Xenon passes by, says hello to everyone



    • Cajl, I will try to explain… There are multiple lists on appslib – the official, the one you get to see when you google for one(the link with the developers frame) and there are many others. Just look at the first image of this article, where do you think it comes from? Press conference in March? They didn’t have that wallpaper yet. 😉 And while that particular image doesn’t come from « an » Appslib list or anything, there is one on Appslib actually. Speaking about the GBook, we were pushing on the fact that this thing would run Android(shame you didn’t want to take it over) and guess what, we got it from Appslib. And well, the Arnova 7h G3 is also there and opening a small secret, contrary to the 7G3 which had a white FCC unit, the release model of the 7h G3 will be white too. 😉

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