Archos 80xs to run on the Rockchip RK3066 processor?


When the Gen10xs line-up was announced, we were expecting that all the tablets will run on the same chipset – the TI OMAP4470. As it now turns out, it would be too easy for Archos. Today, some Archos 80XSK device appeared on GLBenchmark.

The interesting part is not only the added “K” to the 80xs name, but also the system information that was made available by Archos engineers.

Furthermore, the GLBenchmark data tells us the display resolution will be 1024×768 pixels, the CPU will be able to run clocked between 252 and 1608Mhz(that’s ~100 Mhz higher than in 101xs) and the included GPU is a Mali-400 one(confirms there is RK3066 inside). Possibly, Archos swopped the CPU to reach an 199€ price point for the 80xs. The left questions are what will the 80xs offer above the 149€ 80 Cobalt and whether Archos will also adjust its media ssoftware to work on the RK3066 platform?

Source: GLBenchmark |