Test de l’ Archos 70b IT 6ème partie: Conclusion




  1. Bro, totally appreciate this fine detailed review. I received the 70b w/Honey a week ago and totally love it. With one exception. I let it upgrade to the most recent firmware version v3.2.81 and it all went downhill from there. Constant random reboots, random browser closing, trouble installing Google ‘s own app updates from Google Play (file is invalid) random app closing, etc. You tested with firmware v3.2.80 but have you updated to latest firmware v3.2.81? Is it just me and my bad karma or is there an issue with this new firmware?

    • Hi,

      Yes, I am currently on 3.2.81. I don’t encourage the problems you listed, though it did hang a few times lately. Still, I don’t have problems with updating apps(just updated four of them and downloaded a few new ones from Google Play) and it didn’t reboot once since updating to 3.2.81. I have no idea what is wrong with yours, but well… I just read on AF that you returned it to Newegg for a replacement, I don’t know whether you already have tried repair&formatting options(reset android and repair data for example), but that options could have helped you out(if they didn’t, there is nothing else than just to return it) and just not to update your replacement to 3.2.81. Still, as I said, I don’t have problems on mine and I don’t know what is wrong. 🙂

      • Yes, I reset and repair a couple times, reformat and re-installed the firmware a couple more times without doing any market updates and without installing any apps and still immediately the random reboots and browser shutdowns began. Communicated with Archos tech support about it and they suggested after all that and still no difference must be a bad unit. Glad it was that and not some bad firmware throwing up on me. Thanks for your response on this. I just love this tabby. It may not be the fastest and latest but for 199 bones its totally on the dope.

      • Ok, it has been a year and a half. I got a replacement right away and it has worked perfectly since I got it, even on the latest firmware. So my first one must have been a bad unit. I love this thing so much I got another just a couple weeks ago from TigerDirect.com at $49! A refurb, but it was like it had never been touched. Works perfectly! Rooted them both easily and they’re totally doped up. They’re not the latest and greatest but they have something that none of the other tabs have – loud front firing stereo speakers that sound awesome for a tablet! Play AC3 and get a total surround sound effect! Most other tabs are newer Android and quicker but have lousy volume or if stereo speakers they put both on one end of the tab. Stereo speakers firing on just the right side? Keep it. I’d much rather have this little bit slower 70b with superior multimedia capability. I use it with a tiny Bluetooth GPS receiver and now it has full GPS Copilot installed! I just love these units!

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