Firmware pour Archos 70b/c eReader avec Android Market et root


We are confirming the issues with Android Market failing to download applications after a few uses, we are trying to correct it and provide a fixed firmware, please check this page again soon.

We are proud to bring you Kasty, a custom firmware for the Archos 70b/c eReader. This update adds Android Market and root access to your device.

This firmware is available for download here:

This firmware is specific to the Archos 70b (Archos 70c in the USA) eReader and should not be installed on other devices.



Firmware update procedure:

  • Connect your device to the electricity socket, fully charge it and leave the socket connected
  • Unzip the update.img file out of the zip archive
  • Copy the img file to the root of your device
  • Unmount USB on your device, it should give a prompt similar to this one:
  • Push the Install button and follow the update procedure
  • You can also refer to our flashing procedure page for more details.

    The first boot after flashing your new firmware may take some time, please be patient.
    There may be some apps missing in the Market, we are working on it.

    0.2 (2011/06/08) Fixed some Android Market crashes
    0.1 (2011/06/07) Initial release

    This is firmware is a work in progress, please report any problem in the comments section of this article.


    1. Ok, I have been trying to do this (using the rockchip method) for about an hour now. I feel like a moron, but I am stuck on getting the 70b ereader to enter the hard reset mode (I am looking for an illuminated, but blank screen). I have tried:

      holding both arrow keys and using a pin in the reset hole for just a second, and for several seconds

      holding both arrow keys and the power button while inserting a pin in the reset hole (for both a second and several seconds)

      Holding just the right key, power button and the pin (again, for a second and for several second)

      Each and every time the device turns on normally- I get the archos logo and it loads the software.

      Can someone enlighten me, please? I’m really not stupid, but this thing sure is making me feel that way…..

      Thanks in advance

    2. i read everything, but i dont understand if with my 70b ereader i can donwload and install the software above.
      Now my Archos is:
      model N. :A7EB
      firmware version: 1.0.4
      kernel: 2.6.25 wxnlu@mld #15
      build Number: V0.18.ECLAIR.eng.root.20110624.142810
      can u help me saying if i can or i cant install this upgrade…otherwise there is a (secure) upgrade that i can do on this ereader ? txs in advance 🙂

    3. I have installed and flashed the kasty image. The flashing went succesfull.
      But after restarting it hangs.

      I have read and understood the procedure about unbricking.
      I did the following.

      Turn off device (the only way this could be achieved is by pressing the reset button).
      Push right arrow and power button while putting a pin in the reset hole.
      Windows spots a new device which it recognizes as ArchosA7EB.
      I pointed windows to the spot where I have unpacked the drivers (tried them all) but it keeps saying that the device cannot be installed.

      I’m stuck here. What to do?

    4. salut !

      je suis la procédure mais après avoir démonté l’usb, il me met  » found a invalid firmxare image file ‘/flash/update.img’ would you like to delete it ?

      quelqu’un aurait une idée ? le firmware proposé en téléchargement plus haut ( ) est il propre ?

      merci d’avance

    5. Hi everyboy
      I made the firmware update but at the end when is suppose to restart automatically, Archos70b is frozen at Archos Entertainment your way page!To switch off I have to press Reset. My pc can not see the Archos anymore, looks like the driver doesn’t work.
      Please help me!
      What can I do?


    6. An alle die wirklich das Problem haben wo das Archos am Ladebildschirm hängen bleibt.

      Nicht den Reset Knopf drücken sonder die rechte Pfeil Taste.

      Das hier hat geholfen. Meines geht wieder.Bitte ganz genau nach der Anleitung machen.

      Treiber :!download|984dt|396307163|7267.rar|1594|R~98241C4116C59323BFB55702D7C751D3|0|0

      Software für Archos 70b:!download|385dt|1948773271|9206.rar|123889|R~BEC993977BC6ACA16EBF9343A7F08151|0|0

    7. Ein dank an dibschi, er hat mir geholfen.
      An alle die das Problem haben mit dem das das Archos stehen geblieben ist, und am Start Bidschirm hängen bleibt.
      Das hier hat geholfen. Meines geht wieder.Bitte ganz genau nach der Anleitung machen.

      Treiber :!download|984dt|396307163|7267.rar|1594|R~98241C4116C59323BFB55702D7C751D3|0|0

      Software für Archos 70b:!download|385dt|1948773271|9206.rar|123889|R~BEC993977BC6ACA16EBF9343A7F08151|0|0

      Owing to on dibschi, he helped me. To all those the problem have that with that the Archos to stand remained, and on the start Bidschirm to hang remains. That helped here. Mine goes again. Make completely exact please after the guidance. Driver:!download|984dt|396307163|7267.rar|1594|R~98241C4116C59323BFB55702D7C751D3|0|0 Software for Archos 70b:!download|385dt|1948773271|9206.rar|123889|R~BEC993977BC6ACA16EBF9343A7F08151|0|0

    8. Hallo bitte dringend um Hilfe….
      Ich befolgte gerade die Anweisungen wie oben im Video beschrieben ging alles super bis nach dem Neustart, und jetzt hängt es am Archos Firmenzeichen.

      Was soll es tun ?
      Der Archos 70b wird am PC auch nicht mehr erkannt ?
      Bin am Verzweifeln.
      Bitte bitte helft mir.
      Ich habe mit einem Übersetzer Programm geschrieben, da mein Englisch nicht gut ist.

    9. Hello asks urgently for assistance…. I obeyed the straight instructions as above in the video descriptive went all super until the restart, and now it hangs on the Archos trade mark. What is to do it? The Archos 70b is also not recognized by the PC more? Are at despairing. Please please help me. I wrote with a translator program, since my English is not good.

    10. Next problem has occured,…

      after some time the WLAN doesn´t work anymore eighter it is switched on?
      After switching off and on again everything works as usuall…. any ideas?

      PS: Due to the fact that Aldiko installation hasn´t worked for me,… I´ve switched to moon + reader

    11. really need help!!!

      Hi guys, hope someone can help me, im a total novice at this. I just followed the instructions as above… everythin went as instructed, untill after the reboot… Now my archos is stuck on the « entertainment your way » and im lost… please help

    12. Hi there,

      My Archos 70b is running on BQ Voltaire Android 2.2 firmware.

      I´ve tried to install the Aldiko eBook Reader for several times but it fails! Does anybody know what could be the reason for this?

      Thanks in advance!

      Greetings Flo!

    13. Hey Jefi,

      … just a brief question…since the KINDLE for Android APP does not really work with the original ARCHOS 70b software (first line of every book cannot be seen) does it eventually work with the BQ Voltaire software?– Did you eventually test this? That would be great.

      Thanks, Stefan

    14. Hey Guys,

      …I have flashed my 70b with the linked kasty file and now the device is bricked.– The flashing itself went well ( at least according to the prompts on the screen during the flashing procedure) but after restart it hangs up at the ARCHOS start screen and then nothing happens anymore. — The device is also not recognized in Win7 64 Bit and I cannot get on it via USB. — I am really angry.

      Could you help ?

      Thanks, Stefan

        • Dear Stefan, Admin,

          My problem is exactly the same, but I cannot seem to get the rockchip flashing tools to work. When I connect the device windows prompts that new hardware is found – so new drivers are needed. Not one driver (directory) from the package you suggested works; if I pick one I get the message that the hardware cannot be installed because the necessary software cannot be found.

          Could you please advice? I spend hours already…



      • …o.k. got the device working.–

        The trick was to use 281xDriver from the package and RKAndroidBatchUpgrade.exe… and not as stated in the flash guide with the RKandroidDM.exe … oh what a day and how much wasted time

        Thanks Guys, Stefan

          • Hey there,
            I got the same problem that after the flash my device is freezing at the load screen, I tried the Rockchip flashing-tutorial but it didnt work.
            My Computer can’t install the driver for my archos 70b ereader and I dont know what to do, i tried the W9_0.18.20101201.214043, 28 and 281x driver and both wont work.
            I also tried it on my laptop, same results. it says for the « Archos A7EB » there are no drivers, and i cant install the ones from the tutorial.
            Tried it with Win7 64 & 32 Bit Ultimate.
            I bought my Archos 70b yesterday and the « RK2818 BatchUpgrade » says that there is no device, which can be upgraded.
            Hope you can help me.

            Thanks, xyz.

    15. Hi there,

      I´ve just ordered an Archos 70b for my girlfriend. I´ve planned to flash a custom rom into the device because I want to get access to the original android market.

      I´ve read that some of you guys have some problems after flashing the custom rom (freezes, not able to boot …..)

      I don´t want to brick the device as I´ve unboxed it,… so do I have to expect any problems after flashing the custom rom?

      Which Image i should choose? Which one is better?

      – Jefis Image (based on 20110609v2)

      Thanks in advance!

      Greetings from Germany!

        • Ok, sounds good.

          And just to make clear that I´ve understood everything corretly.

          If I want to flash Jefis image to the Archos 70b it won´t work the way as it is described in the video above? Right?

          Which means I have to download the RKAndroidBatchUpgrade.exe (wherever i can find this tool), and flash the image into the 70b?

          Do I also need the driver the image flashing process? I´m running on Win7 Ultimate x64…

          Sorry for all these questions but the device hasn´t arrived, yet. But I want to inform as much as I can before getting started with it.

          Thanks to all!


    16. Hi, I have done it, like the instruction said… first it’s worked well.
      But than the ebookreader crashed and the update/download of the fbreader didn’t worked (either applib of archos nor android market).

      And it works only, if i haved plugged the usb in. It makes no difference, if it’s mounted or not.
      And there battery-status doesn’t work either.

      If i install the BQ voiltare version… why can’t I get back to the normal firmware?
      Isn’t there a way, to get a complete image of the operating system? is there no Boot-management or DOS or anything beneith the operating system, what a normal PC would have…?

      And wanted to flash the original firmware, but windows 7 don’t find the drivers in the driver-folders (both, from W9_0.18.20101201.214043 and RKAndroid_ENG).
      I tried RKAndroidDM.exe and RKAndroidBatchUpgrad.exe but both didn’t funktion (there ist neither an green nor an pink area 1) and they can’t find the device.

      But the device is mounted, i can on to it, like a mass storage device.
      And the initial upgrade with your new firmware worked.

      I don’t know what to do….. please, could anybody help 🙁
      I was soooo glad and happy with this ebookreader the first day… and now, it doesn’t work 🙁

      • A-lien,
        Do you, by any chance, speak french?

        You should be able to install the BQ OR the original firmware even if you actually have kasty on your device. But you first need to install the driver properly.

        Maybe you could try to delete all existing drivers for your tablet then re-install the correct driver properly… Did you tried the 281xDriver from the It worked for Mike.

        • English version:

          Sorry, I can not french. But I can use google translator 🙂
          My biggest problem was the driver installation. I went to
          Control Panel -> Device Manager ->Other devices-> archos A7EB
          right click « update driver software », browse my computer for driver software and then i tried both driver-folders.

          Perhaps I should have made some certifications or something else of the drivers, so windows could have identify them as drivers???

          How do you this firmware-flashing on an unix or linux system?
          I think it would be easier…

          but know i tried to flash, like the inital update, from the root(cause the flashing tools couldn’t recognize the device without the drivers… but i could transfer file on the normal way)…
          but now, i have a frozen system. Shutdown operate only with reset, it doesn’t start(only the loading screen with the archos logo).

          I’ going to give it back… but somebody said, it could give problems with the guarantee, if they recognize that i have changed the firmware.
          Have anybody practical experience with this??
          French version:

          Désolé, je ne peux pas le français. Mais je peux utiliser google traducteur 🙂
          Mon plus gros problème était l’installation du pilote. Je suis allé à
          Panneau de configuration -> Gestionnaire de périphériques -> Autres appareils-> Archos A7EB
          clic droit « mise à jour logiciel pilote », Parcourir mon ordinateur pour logiciel pilote et puis j’ai essayé les deux dossiers-pilote.

          Peut-être que j’aurais fait certaines certifications ou autre chose des pilotes, de sorte que Windows aurait pu les identifier en tant que pilote???

          Que pensez-vous de ce firmware clignotant sur ​​un système UNIX ou Linux?
          Je pense qu’il serait plus facile …

          mais je sais j’ai essayé de flash, comme la mise à jour inital, de la racine (cause les outils clignotant ne pouvait pas reconnaître le périphérique sans les pilotes … mais je ne pouvais le transfert de fichiers sur la voie normale) …
          mais maintenant, j’ai un système gelé. Arrêt fonctionner uniquement avec réarmement, il ne démarre pas (seulement l’écran de chargement avec le logo Archos).

          Je vais le donner en retour … mais quelqu’un a dit, il pourrait donner des problèmes avec la garantie, si elles reconnaissent que j’ai changé le firmware.
          Avoir une expérience pratique de cette personne?

          • Ok… I have Vista, not Seven on my computer but I’ll try to see this evening exactly how I did it and explained it to you.

            As for now, two informations:
            – I had more or less the same problem: I installed Kasty on my device, it worked perfectly. Then I installed the BQ Voltaire and everything when right but… When I tried to start my device, it kept frozen on the « BQ » logo… I did the same procedure one more time, and after that, it worked perfectly. So, there IS something that can be done with your own device.

            – I know someone who had exactly the same problem as you; he frozed his device by installing the BQ firmware… Send it back, and he had no problem with his guarantee. Of course, he didn’t say WHY his device was not working anymore… But Archos didn’t even bother to ask him why; they flashed the original firmware and sent it back to him, as good as new. At least, you can try!

    17. I just installed it.
      Was a little bit anxious at first, but I saw it was going exactly like it goes on the video.
      Then, it asked me my google account ! Finally ! Yay !! 😀
      Now, it works Perfectly, and I can use the market. I, am happy ! 😛

      Anyway, thank you for this greaat job, that’s awesome !

    18. Hi,

      i have a ‘big’ problem with my device after installing the firmware.
      Everything worked as described. The install procedure worked, than the system rebooted, and the device was online again, but only for a little moment, than it rebooted again. Now the device is sleeps at the welcome screen (Archos Entertainmanet your way …) since an hour.

      Anybody here who can give me a hint, what i can do ( Reset don’t work ) ??


        • Can you give me a link for the ‘Archos 70b’ where i can find an instruction, how to do it. Only to be sure, to do it right.

          I found an instruction at, but i am not realy sure, because they are talking about the BQ Voltaire tablet ??

          Sorry for such questions, but i don’t want to send the tablet back.


            • Thank you 1001 times 😉
              Sometimes the solution is closer than you thought.
              Sorry but i searched with google, not directly on your site.

              Great support, i realy like this website.
              I will try it, and if it works i will try to install the img for Froyo 🙂


            • Hi,

              I had the same problem, tablet froze on archos logo. I followed the flashing procedure as described and it worked BUT I have a problem, the Archos 70b eraeder is not working properly: I don’t have access to the SD card anymore and there is no more space available on the internal memory! Do you have any idea what happened and what I could do to fix this problem.
              I’d be really gratefull for any help; the tablet is unusable for now

          • Hola tengo un Archos 7ob y he actualizado el firmware con ha sido tal y como se muestra en el video pero al reiniciarlo veo que no se sincroniza la cuenta de google con las consecuentes molestias ya que no puedo usar el android market ni gmail que era lo que yo queria realmente.En el market solo me deja bajar la primera aplicacion luego me dice »no se ha podido descargar la aplicacion » y en gmail »Tu correo aparecera dentro de poco » y sigue sin aparecer.Alguien me puede decir como solucionarlo? Soy muy novata en este tema y no entiendo bien los terminos que utilizais.Daros las gracias a todos los que trabajais en esto para que los demas lo disfrutemos.GRACIAS.

        • @Admin
          I flashed it back, but it was very tricky 🙁
          1. The device wasn’t recognized by the PC (WIN7 or WINXP)
          I had to delete all existing standard USB driver for the tablet.
          Important: The device should not start (no screen should be shown)
          Resetbutton + Power + Right Button
          2. I had to use the 281xDriver from the package.

          After all, i tried to reinstall the ROM from kasty, but no chance .. same issue,
          also the ROM from the BQ Voltaire (hint from didn’t work (message: ivalid image file)

          So, i think i will send the tablet back, because i need the market 🙁

    19. i have a archos 7oc ereader tablet with 1.0.1 firmware, i tried to install the custom firmware, however, my tablet said there was a invalid firmware image file would you like to delete it?

      so I think i did something wrong ,

      i really could use the information on if i can upgrade my os cause i really need the adobe flash 10

      any information regarding this would be a huge help

    20. Settings->Privacy->Factory Reset will temporarily restore Market download abilities, but seemingly not Gmail sync. During this time, if you add a ‘Sync’ widget to the desktop it will not activate.

      After about 30mins or so I found that the syncing starts to work (you can toggle sync on/off). As soon as this happens, the Market breaks.

      If I get a chance I’ll install Logcat and see what happens to make Syncing work and Market break.

      • Thanks for the tips.
        Feel free to post here any information regarding this problem.
        We are currently busy creating custom firmwares for other models (Arnova 10b, Arnova 84 and Arnova 7), so any help is deeply appreciated.

    21. This is the link to the rooted Votaire image:
      You can flash it to Voltaire with the normal update function (copy via usb to root directory) or to archos 70b with RKAndroidBatchUpgrade(get it on this site).
      Attention: after this update the archos is labeled as BQ Voltaire turning back to Archos firmware only with RKAndroidBatchUpgrade. But: you don’t want to turn back to archos :)…



    22. I tried another thing from the web. I tried to flash the Voltaire BQ ereader ROM into my Archos 70b, it end up as upgrade failed. and stone my ereader. Then I use the same utility to flash the Kasty ROM. Now it back to normal.
      Try the Voltaire ROM with caution.

    23. Here the reply i had from google

      Thank you for contacting Android Market support. « Download unsuccessful »
      error messages are generally a temporary issue that occurs when the Market
      app or the device is in a bad state. It can also occur if there is not
      enough space on the device for the app to install or if there are other
      installation problems. Please try all of the following troubleshooting
      step to resolve the issue:

      – Cancel the download and retry
      – Ensure there is enough space on your device for the app to install
      – Reboot your device
      – Confirm there is strong connectivity on your device, and contact your
      mobile service provider if you aren’t connected
      – Uninstall Market updates (Settings > Applications > Manage Applications;
      select « Market » under the « All » tab/filter, and touch « Uninstall updates »)
      – Unmount and remount the SD card (visit Menu > Settings > Storage >
      Unmount SD card; then Remount SD card from the same menu, or restart the
      device if the remount option isn’t available)

      The Android Market Team

    24. It works for a few downloads, after that i have tried everything i could find on the internet….. It seems it is a issue known for a long time also on other devices. The reply i had from google gives a summary of the workarounds i already found on the internet. Non of these works.

      Question, when ‘admin’ is looking for a solution, can you also try to get froyo (2.2) in the firmware instead of eclair (2.1)?

    25. It worked perfectly the first day; but now, I cannot dowload app from the market anymore. It says « Failed to download » each time I try to download something…
      Android market is totality unuseful right now! I’m very desappointed!

    26. hi everybody,
      I´ve install it. All is ok except root and it can not websites in vietnamese and arabic display. I mean the fonts are missing or not in unicode format. I hope that will be soon corrected. Thank you

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