Archos 70 Cobalt from the Elements line-up reaches FCC


Archos last press conference announced a new line of Android tablets named Elements. Only a week ago Archos 80 Cobalt (with Arnova logo on the back) passed the FCC. This week we have another tablet from the Elements line-up, named the Archos 70 Cobalt(after the Mendeleev table).

FCC doesn’t give much information about the device, all we get to know that it features Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g/n. However, when looking at the test setup photos, we can get to see more of the reasonably slim design(not that slim as the 7.6mm Gen10xs). Just like on the 80 Cobalt, no kickstand is to be seen, but at least we got front-facing speakers.

Archos Elements tablets are expected to be Google certified, that means they will offer Google Play, which is not included on Archos lower end models, Arnova G2 and Arnova G3. The expected price is: 129 euros for the 7″, 149 euros for the 8″ and 199 euros for the 10 inches model. There is not much other information given about them. For now it is uncleared which CPU the elements tablets will include – but due to Archos longterm relationship with Rockchip(and the recent Google Certification for the RK3066), RK3066 is a viable solution to offer powerful budget tablets with Google Play support.


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