Archos 7 HTv1 custom firmware – updated Android system, Root and Market


We are offering an archive of custom firmwares for your Archos 7 Home Tablet version 1.

These firmwares let you upgrade your device to latest Android operating systems, such as Android 2.1 (Eclair), Android 2.2 (Froyo) or Android 2.3 (Gingerbread). They also let you have superuser « root » access to the device and install Android Market.

These custom roms are made by independant developpers and are not supported by Archos. They are experimental work, please upgrade only if you know what you are doing.

You will find here few firmwares for Archos 7 HomeTablet version 1 (7HTv1), if you are not sure on which version you have, please check our Archos 7HT v1/v2 page.

If you have an Archos 7HTv2 please visit our dedicated firmware page.

You can find Archos default firmware and other custom firmwares for your Archos 7 HTv1 in our Archive:


  1. I have downloaded YAR28 for my Archos 7HTv1
    And when i trying to set up first sign in to market place
    It says trying comunicating with servers then says it cant establish reliable data connection to the server?
    Wifi has been reset up so dont think its that.

    any ideas


    ps what other benefits does running yar28 other than having google marketplace?

    I run serviio to stream vidieos to ps3 xbox , is there a app that i can use to watch same streams on archos

  2. hello all, let me just be clear to you all…ABANDON ALL HOPES FOR ANYTHING OTHER THAN CUPCAKE TO RUN ON YOUR ARCHOS HOME TABLET VERSION 1….as an AHTv1 owner, i struggled to get past cupcake for the simple joy of flash…did everything…almost lost all use of the device as u may read in earlier threads trying multiple firmware upgrades, and have resigned to be grateful with the vast improvements yar28 (only perfectly functioning upgrade) has made to the device, including opening up the android market, google apps, and best of all increased internal memory allocated for apps….before about 6 apps wuld brim the capacity, now skies the limit. Take my learning the hard way, use yar28 only!

  3. Hi. I had bought a refurbished Archos 7 HT v1 off Amazon. I downloaded a version of Android market but it seems it’s V1.5 or lower. I bought this tablet so I can play different games on it like Angry Birds and Words With Friends. Plus the ever so great « keeping restless kids occupied for hours » clause. I was wondering if there’s a way to update the market. And if it involves me downloading some firmware, how would I go about doing this? I’m extremely new to the tablet experience.

    Thank You,

  4. OK, so I bought this Tablet from Tigerdirect for 105 bucks.. supposed to be running Android version 1.5, when I look at the firmware it says its version 1.0.15, WTF !, ok anyway appslib wont update, Appslib – Updated says – appslib mass update (free approved) touched – says « you must update your version of Appslib. (bla bla bla) touch Install – ask me if I want to install this app. (bla bla) of coarse ttouch install… then it says « Application not installed – Appslib could not be installed on this phone »
    (this IS an Archos 7 home tablet V1)
    Model number A70HB
    Firmware 1.0.15
    Kernel version 2.6.25
    Build RK-1.2.9 …..bla bla bla
    I would like to upgrade it to Yar28 and keep it , I DL’d the RK and Yar but want to be sure this goes smooth , Is the Rockship Driver another DL IU need to obtain before I destroy my new tablet ?

    • OK emailed support for it… said I needed to instal the cupcake version they have, would this be « the same » as what it already is as it says the same info ? they also told me to redownload appslib and reinstall it.. which works now thank god for something working right !, just wondering if the firmware update would make any difference and how do I know or find out what Android version I have, as the firmware says 1.0.15 I assumed that this is the android version as well, am I wrong about this?, also would it be a big help to upgrade to YAR still ?

      • ok, I’m Obviously talking to myself here, I got it working (I guess as it shoul) but really want to « do more » with it, I am doing the update with
        YAR28 as I type, loaded it onto micro SD and stuck it in… asked me if I wanted to UPDATE to firmware version 0.0.0 (I’m like… WTF… OK) so far it looks like its doing good,…. rebooting… wow new startup screen looks cool. hummm gears are smoking LOL wondering when it will unfreeze ! LOL, ok took a few minutes but seems to be working… most the apps are gone so I’m starting fresh now, gotta set my alarms for work !!… hope this fixes things… will post again later on how much better it works, gotta get to know it again !

        • OK, its been about 4 weeks, I’m VERY happy with the YAR28 upgrade, it works with more apps besides having the apps market it originally came with I can now use as well, I still have trouble running some apps but I think its because yar28 only upgrades to 1.6., I finally got youtube to do video’s through a « youtube » app called youtube videos. it’s not the youtube that your PC gets but I guess its an android link that works buy finding the links.

  5. OH HAPPY DAY! finally got the rkandroid tool to work, and ireverted to yar28 with no problems!! flawless custom os upgrade…thanks again for your help. about to try flash app on it now…flash (online video) is the ultimately what most AHT7 v1 users crave…willl report results for all to benefit….but again…YAR28 is a GO!! works well!

    • what do i do to move up to eclair 2.1 once i have upgraded my firmware to yar28? my ultimate aim here is to get flash operating on my browser! Seeing as i have previously erred to near fatal results with firmware upgrades, i will patiently await admin’s response before i do anything…atm the recommended version of flash (10.1) doesn’t load on yar28 firmware upgrade…still says firmware version 1.0.15….looks like cupcake still.

      • There have been semi successfull experiences to get Flash to install, but it did not work smooth, being very limited by the CPU. Having a great Flash experience on this tablet is a bit of a lost cause. For the rest, yar28 should give you satisfaction and is probably the best firmware for the Archos 7HTv1 so far.

      • Hi,
        not sure if u read my question above, but could you tell me where to go from here….im running on yar28 os beautifully but need to get to 2.1 (elcair)….yar28 still reads as cupcake (1.0.15). You know my history, not doing anything without advice prior from u experts. Thanks again fro prior assistance.

        • oh just saw other reply. my apologies….as said before, the recommended flash 10.1 does not load up at all! Im running on yar28, and it still says Firmware version: 1.0.15…all other apps r still reading it as cupcake…open market is useless if most apps still read system as 1.5

  6. apologise for the repetitive comments…i have been up all night literally trying to recover my AHT7 v1…it is now 6:19am, by my time, and after running between two pc’s and a laptop all night in my home, the dawn has brought a depressing reality…i cannot fix my archos!!! At least I should be the last idiot to @#$$% up a perfectly good tablet…im glad my warning spurred admin to take down other failed versions (yar28 udpate really works!!) im just absolutely pissed that i had to be the last to learn the hard way!! please tell me what im doing wrong…i know 100’s have solved this issue i speak of below, but maybe 100’s have not for some reason other than we’re all doing something wrong!! im not being pissy now, i just was hoping and PRAYING i was doing something wrong, as suggested….sigh…im at wits end! don’t forget me, please! i loved my archos and would very much like to have it back

    • Fabian,
      Sorry about what you are experiencing.
      You can give a last try to install the drivers for the Rockchip flasher, if it still fails please be a little patient until someone helps you out.
      We are quite busy here preparing the live report for the conference tonight, we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

      • Thank you for your concern. I tried again a few more times with same failed results. I will patiently await any further clarification on the flash process, as i understand how busy you guys are atm. Thank you for not ignoring my plight.

  7. did a lil research, it seems others that have had similar problems with the rkandroid tool’s driver not being accepted, used the android debug bridge (ADB) to get the rkandroid tool to read the device…is there any truth to this, and if so how can i do this? i think ADB is a bit over my head.

  8. warning to all archos 7 home tablet v1 owners! yar28 works!!! like others and myself however, other upgrades have crippled our systems. after upgrading BEAUTIFULLY with yar28, i got ambitious and attempted knight dominion v3….BIG MISTAKE for version 1 owners!! LET MY GRIEF BE UR SAVING GRACE…still unable to access sd card, unable to read frm pc…unable to upgrade os…stuck in limbo! dont make my mistake…and if anyone can help, please do. i have tried everything to specification with (on many systems) to no avail.

    • Thanks Fabian for sharing that with us.
      To help avoiding further problem, we are moving all firmwares to archive except yar28, which is the current recommended firmware.
      Has your tablet recovered or are you still stuck with a non working firmware ?


      • I must comment your timely response. I am still stuck in limbo im afraid with the non working firmware. still on the hunt for that version of windows that will allow the driver to install for rkandroid to work…very depressing, as the yar28 was working beautifully! i bear no ill will…just lament the crippling of my system. You are a gentleman among administrators for that timely reply, though.

        • Hello Fabian,
          Sorry if your tablet does not currently work as it should.
          We’ll try to help you giving more details (and prepare a video) about the Rockchip flashing procedure to make sure it works for you.
          Don’t worry, hundreds of people have succeeded with that procedure, it should work for you too 😉
          Just give us some time to work on that, we have currently many other Archos related projects in the pipe, such as the Gen9 presentation event coverage.

          • i highly appreciate and anticipate that video or any clarification on the procedure, as i keep running into the same problems others have expressed in this thread…i had honestly given up on recovering my device, but u have given me hope…lets see where we go from here. This site is doing great things for AHT7 owners, where the Archos company has fallen short. keep up the great work

  9. hello, I tried to update but now the pc recognizes the device but
    I do not have access, pc can’t find the driver and I can’t install it. I can not use some applications downloaded from market .How can I do? I can go back to original firmware?

  10. Hi guys, I had mine updated to the YAR28 and working good then I did the gingerbread on it and it’s stuck. says it’s low on disk space (won’t download anything), can’t see the sd card, can’t get to a file manager & doesn’t see the usb drivers.. i tried many.. tried XP & win7.. help please… watched the youtube stuff puck did.. i’m not getting the usb to work.. thanks

    • sigh…hello Patrick, and all others. hello admin. Likewise, i updated my archos 7 home tablet v1 to yar28 beautifully, and they say curiosity killed the cat…lol..well the knight dominion v3 update pretty much put me in the same crisis as others…no access to sd card, cpu cant read device, and most tragic of all, the only recovery tool ( hasn’t worked on ANY of the pc’s attempted upon (vista 32bit, windows 7 starter, 3 (2bit, and xp, 32bit)…keeps failing to load the driver included in the RKAndroid folder…sigh. If i had only quit while ahead. My only hope is this being a problem many have had for months, maybe some sleuth will crack this mystery. For now i lament the self inflicted handicap of my archos 7. Thanks

  11. Bonjour,

    J’ai instalé update_2.3alpha2_mem290.img sur mon archos 7ht v1 8giga, mais elle ne convient pas. je voudrais repasser a un firmawe stable qui ne confonde pas mon archos 7 avec un telephone.
    Le probleme, c’est que l’usb n’est plus reconus, je ne peut plus copier un fichier img a la racine.
    Pouvez m’aider ?

  12. hello
    I have a Archos 7 HTv1. I downloaded the files from this page but I don’t know how can I install the img files?! How can I change the firmware? Which version is better for my tablet? I’d like to install the apps to SD card.
    THX your answer!!

  13. I need help very very much! I installed now my computer cant access it so I can revert back to the standard firmware. I even tried to use the archos developers drivers that archos recommends for developers to use to get into the device. I’m lost as this version doesn’t even read the SD card so I can’t even upgrade it fron there. PLEASE!!!! someone help me.

      • Thanks but I can’t access the device from the computer. The drivers archos said to use don’t work. That’s why I’m so lost. I’m trying to load the developers SDK now to see if it has the driver needed. Wish me luck 😐

          • I already tried both and bot could not locate the archos7HTv1. 🙁 I wasn’t trying to dismiss your help in any way it just wasn’t working. Thank you very much for those. If I ever get into the device again they might come in handy.

            • Ok, well you can explore other possibilities…
              Still the RK flashing tools are one of the lower level solutions and should get you fixed… Maybe the driver isn’t properly installed, try to give it a try on another computer.
              Keep us posted 😉

              • That’s just the problem. :'( I can’t find a driver that will install :'( maybe if I fire up in linux the computer might recognize it? Think that might help? I’m open to try anything here 😀 It’s not bricked but it is slow and not worth using LOL got to laugh to keep from crying 😀

                • Don’t worry, it’s gonna get fixed !
                  Others had similar issue, including myself and we managed to fix it.
                  RK Flashing tools are designed for Windows, if you have a newer OS (Win7 64 bits) that gives you trouble, try to get hold on an older WinXP 32 bits machine.
                  The drive should install just fine and you should be able to fix the device pretty quick.
                  Edit: you maybe interested in this as well:

                  • I’m on Vista(32bit) right now but my other computers are still packed away from my recent move. Where did you get you driver from? The one at archos ftp didn’t want to install and Vista surely didn’t recognize it. So I wasn’t the only eager beaver on gingerbread, LOL. I may not be trying to install the right driver. This SDK package still is installing and has been forever! Like I said though I’m willing to try anything.

                  • The driver is the one refered in or packages.
                    For, use the driver in 28Driver directory.

                  • Your edit helped. After it hit the reset button the darn thing came back to life took the driver and the update image without a problem. Thank you so very very very very much! You did an awesome job, wish more admins and tech people were as fast and knowledgeable.

                  • I just used the september 2010 firmware update to get to version 2.1.It kept me at version.My model is A70hb.Thats the version 1 model.What am i doing wrong to mod the version to 2.

                  • I have an Archos 7 home tablet and a bad copy of the gingerbread 2.3 rom I am trying to reflash it back to the faxtory default until a working version comes out the see sd and usb. I went the link that you posted but it says i must reboot it in reset mode and the only instructions on there list a volume button I do not have one so how do I put my tablet into reset mode? Please help. The longer this is on there the more it refuses to do lately it wont connect to my wifi which was fine two days ago.

  14. Hello,
    I am sorry if I have missed the answer to my question somewhere in the forums. I have been reading for days and I am scared to try anything because I don’t want to ruin my Archos tablet…
    I bought a refurbished Archos 7HT v1 tablet and I really like it. I would like to be able to use Adobe Flash on it to watch ballet and curling off of the internet. Right now I can’t do it. My brother installed Yar (I think) but that didn’t get it to work. I have been told that there is something else I can update on it to use Flash. Is this true? If so, what would be the best file to use from here to upgrade my Archos so it will play/stream Flash. Again, my sincerest apologies if I have missed this info somewhere…

    Thank you very much for any information.


    • YAR is good custom firmware for Archos 7HTv1. It will get you Android Market which will help to install applications. Unfortunately there is currently no good (with great performance and stable) Adobe Flash support for Archos 7 HT (v1 and v2). These devices, as other running on the Rockchip 2808/2818 CPU does not offer the required performance to play flash content properly. You may find something to work, but it probably won’t be that enjoyable. You should probably check other alternatives to get your ballet or curling video off the internet, using applications such as Youtube that performs quite well on the device.

      • Thank you very much for the information. Maybe I will return my tablet and get a another one. Hehe. This might be a dumb question but the Youtube application probably only plays youtube videos, right? Is there a way to install Android 2.1 on my tablet and then get Flash? Or is that not recommended?

        Thank you for your quick reply.

        • It’s quite easy to install Android 2.1 on your 7HTv1 following instructions on this article (YAR28 would be the recommended firmware).
          But you will run into troubles getting a proper version Flash to work at a decent speed (because of the CPU). There is currently no much to do appart from choosing another device (Archos Gen8 devices gives pretty decent speed on Flash content) or getting the video thru other ways, eg. Youtube. Youtube app play only their own content, so you won’t be able to play non « Youtube enabled » videos.

  15. After uploading update_2.1_memsize230mb.img and the knightdomonion, the internal hard drive and SD card are no longer detected by Archos, neither by Windows. I was able to following Puck’s directions to restore to Archos’s default firmware using Windows 7 and Windows Vista (if windows fails to detect the driver, go to control->devices, right click the failed/yellow device and manually update the driver).

  16. I just installed the Gingerbread onto my Archos 7 htv1 and now it doesn’t recognize when its connected to a computer. So i can’t directly put the files onto the root, any ideas? I’d really like to go back to KnightDominion v3 but can’t exactly figure out how to get it to update back to how it was. If you could explain the process then I would be very appreciative. Thanks!

      • I am also having the same issue. I have 2.3, but the device’s hardware seems unable to keep up with it and I would like to roll back but I am unable to put an earlier firmware on there. Please post a link to this Rockchip flashing tool as I would love to at least get back to 2.1 or heck even the stock ROM right now.

    • Hi Andrew..what’s up , i know how you feel – i had the same and lost all contact even with my sd card..i tought Archos is screwed 4 life..but dont worry it’s not..

      Do this..
      1 – Download the RK Android 1.2 flash software tool from this site
      2- Then put your device on Hold (slight the power to the right)
      3- Connect your device to yourwindows pc (xp tested only)
      4- Windows will ask for a driver..point to your RK android folder and
      you will find the driver there..install it !!

      5- Start RK Android software and you will see Device connected-
      6- Point Rk Android (At The Top) to the firmware..
      7- Hit Update even do you will perform a downgrade..
      (make sure your device battery is full or connected to Ac Power)

      8- Let the proces do its thing and then when done you just Fixed your device -Good Luck

      check my Youtube video it might make your Android Experience more fun !

  17. Admin thank you for the fast reply..i did install the Gingerbread and just renamed the file removed the 2 and rk android installed it without a problem.

    Just i have 1 strange thing since yesterday -since my Archos 7 ht starts crying about harddisk space..i have only 36 mb or so left..i,m like where is my 8gb??

    Ik have the jome tablet with the silver alimunium back and on the box it say 8gb-
    so i have a harddisk problem with my HT v1 , so maybe you could tell me what i did wrong..or maybe i will just bring it back and get the one Archos send to me in the first place..and thats the v2 ( i just did not wanted that one because i still wanted to mess with firmware and was unknown that the v2 had great firmware already..(i was beeing tooo nice ) also filmed:
    Gingerbread runs..
    The goods:

    Looks great market place is there..and power controle looks really good and
    wakes up by sliding power on –

    Market place give you different findings and no findings on software
    used on the 1.5 so my reggae programs are gone and so my bee radio..
    but it works..

    The Bad?
    Well the word BAD makes the firmware looks bad..but it’s just the way
    Android deals with hardware and the Archos 7ht in fact is very lucky to have people trying to make it better because Archos Failled in doing that but no hate the quality of the device is very OKE and so is he battery Life -so it’s not some EKEN m001

    Wifi connects fine but when rebooting you will have to fill in yourwifi acces code again..

    I seem to have a error when want to read my sd card

    The device runs much slower and you will see that when typing -mistakes are going to be made..dont get mad lol !!

    I would say the v3 of Knightdominion give more satisfaction and is reliable-
    But to play around Gingerbread on Archos 7 HT is just for the film..

    Now i will install one of the other Firmware and will bring back a report how that went..

    Greeets from Puck

  18. Wow i,m so lucky to find this site on this Sunday morn while playing around and checking for sites like these that work on making the Archos even Better !!!
    R E S P E C T 4 that !!

    I downloaded some of the firmwares and will try to see..
    At this moment my Archos runs Knightdominions v3 firmware and after showing that off in video i will continue with a next firmware..

    I do have the Archos 7 HT v2 aswel..because my v1 broke down and i was just starting to play with the firmwares -pissed that i was i bought the v2 for 139 eu in my city..

    Dissapointed about the v2 cause i could not hack it with better firmware..i got lucky 3 weeks later when i received a brandnew archos v1 for the one i broke..waranty was still up !!! The store that rock;s in my city is SATURN !!!

    Now i have one to play with and that’s the V1-

    I will keep records of my progress on my free to join me !

    Greets and BG UP to the Firmware makers..
    Site added to fav !!


    • Hello Puck,
      We haven’t tested all the firmwares yet and we have no recommandations for the Archos 7 HTv1 so far. We will try to update this article in the future. Please double check other people results on or forums before flashing…
      If you still have your Archos HTv2, there is a great firmware for this machine
      Have a great week-end.

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