Archangel One-click root on Archos 101/70/43/32 and 28


Straight from forum, we are echoing the release of Archos 101 one-click-root for firmware 2.0.71 using Archangel

Please note that this method works on 2.0.71 and on new firmware 2.1.x, tested up to 2.1.8.

For newer firmwares, apparently Archos modified their code in a way that Archangel rooting method does not work anymore on firmware 2.3.20. The application gets stuck on “Please wait”. If you need root access to your device, please do not flash current firmware and wait for a new workaround to be found. Flashing 2.3.20 firmware won’t let you flash older firmwares back.

Archangel files mirror:
APK archangel-2.apk (MD5 checksum: 8361c73df6a3f31e88a8a79615cdf3bb)

Here is a quick video showing Archangel run on an Archos 70 IT:

Initial tests and feedback show that this program is not a fake, judging by the results: there are many users that got root using Archangel on a Archos 101, 70, 43, 32 and 28 Internet Tablet. There may be side effects of using this root method with unwanted features, such as virus or trojan horse. As usual we advise lot of caution before running this application, as there are very few information on the exploit method used.

Please read the following forum:
(in french)

Here are the permissions on the APK:

Here are a few screenshots of the application:


Original download location for archaism-archangel-2.rar from the author:
rar password: b223844a132
sha1sum of apk: 6a6cb89aa093a1d4671f5142fe156bcfc6535db4

From readme.txt in the archive:
Archangel one-click-root from the Archaism Team

Archangel one-click-root from the Archaism Team

This will give you temporary or permanent root on your Archos 101 - firmware 2.0.71

Update: Also has been reported as working on firmware 2.1.02 and on Archos 70 IT device

Archos are kind enough to provide a SDE firmware which can allow root access,
but involves some significant changes to the system and they say that they will
invalidate your warranty if you install it. This is a bit frightening for new owners.

Archangel solves this with a painless one-click-root which you can uninstall at any time.
It does not use the SDE developer firmware.

This was specifically designed for the Archos 101 with firmware 2.0.71 - it may work on
other Archos devices or firmwares, but has not been tested and is not recommended for them.

If you find this application useful, please donate to those great forums who have given
the android root community so much. Encourage them to keep up their great work. We are
fans of C-Skills Blog, XDA Developers and Modaco Forum.

When installed, this app will use approx 10mb of storage space. Don't run it if you don't
have that much spare.

Usage Instructions:

1) Make sure you have 10mb of space available on the internal storage
2) Make sure you are connected on Wifi
3) Run the Archangel app
4) Click to install SuperUser application
5) Click to get root!
6) Check everything is working correctly, try an app which needs root
7) Once you have root you can tick the "Permanent" root option to always have root.
8) Party Hard!

To turn off root, either just reboot, or turn off permanent root and reboot if you had
enabled it.

To uninstall, just uninstall like any other app. You may also want to use the menu item
to clean up before you uninstall.

You can create a script in /sdcard/sdcard/ and this will be executed as root
whenever you reboot, so you can use this to do any additional root functions you want.
If you make an error with this script which causes you a problem then you can eject your
sd card and reboot and it then will not execute.

Update: For advanced users, if you are certain that any script you make is 100%
working, then for security, you can put it in /data/ and archangel will then use
that version and ignore the /sdcard/sdcard/ file. Please be totally sure your
script is working because if there is some error with it that stops you fixing it then you
may get stuck!

We tweaked things a little in this version, it may take a little longer to get root but should
be a bit more reliable.

This version also patches the vulnerability it exploits and seals the system after.



  1. Hey people!…Have not been on this site for quite some time, have been studying hard. Archangel is a great creation for Archos internet tabs…I would like to confirm that permanent root works with Archos official OS update “2.1.08”. Greaaaaaat! =D

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