(update) Archos 101 G9 Turbo 1.2 GHz and 1.5 GHz first benchmarks


Our friend Cajl from Jbmm.fr got his hands on a Archos 101 G9 Turbo 1.2 GHz and 1.5 GHz models, here are a few benchmarks results on these device, compared to the Archos 101 G9 1 GHz model.

Benchmarks results

 Archos 101 G9
Turbo 1.5 GHz
Archos 101 G9
Turbo 1.2 GHz
Archos 101 G9
1 GHz
TI OMAP 4460 1.5 GHz
PowerVR SGX540 384 MHz
TI OMAP 4430 1.2 GHz
PowerVR SGX540 304 MHz
TI OMAP 4430 1.0 GHz
PowerVR SGX540 304 MHz
Test setup
Firmware version
3.2.693.2.77 3.2.69
NenaMark2 (fps)
higher is faster
21.6 20.2 19.1
higher is faster
Absolute 35453
Relative 22587
Absolute 35108
Relative 21415
Absolute 35278
Relative 20894
higher is faster
2066 1752 1362
higher is faster
Native score: 13664
Java score: 3627
Overall score: 7641
Native score: 11332
Java score: 3244
Overall score: 6479
Native score: 9423
Java score: 1771
Overall score: 4831
higher is faster
1248 1169 969
Multitouch test 
4 points

Compared to the 1 GHz, a 50% performance boost corresponding to the processor frequency increase is visible on the benchmarks that focus mainly on CPU. On the other hand, the benchmarks stressing the GPU reveal a lower performance increase. We will have a closer look to see how the 1.5 GHz Turbo on the Archos G9 models impacts the battery life and how the devices handle the load, specially in regards to thermal regulation, see our note from Marc de Courville (director of software engineering at Archos) talk at Paris Android User Group.

Here goes Charbax messy benchmark video 😉

Check back soon, for benchmarks updates and a comparison between the Archos G9 1 GHz, G9 Turbo 1.2 GHz and G9 Turbo 1.5 GHz.

Source: Jbmm.fr