Archos 101 G9 Turbo (1.2 GHz CPU, 16 Gb storage) available on Archos Store


The Archos 101 G9 Turbo using a TI OMAP 4430 CPU running at 1.2 GHz and offering 16 Gb of storage is now available. It sells for 349 euros at the Archos Store in Europe.

Please check our Archos 101 G9 (1 GHz model) review for more details about the device and our Archos G9 specifications, prices and availability for all details on the Archos Generation 9 product line.

Please tell us what you think about the new Archos 101 G9 Turbo 1.2 GHz ?

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We will try to quickly get our hands on a device for a full benchmark.
At 349 euros, this 1.2 GHz model has no exceptionnal value for the money against the competition and it is probably wiser to wait for the 1.5 GHz model using an OMAP 4460 which should be available early 2012.


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