Installation du nouvel Android Market 3.0.26 pour les appareils Archos Gen8


Google has recently announced a major 3.0 update for their Android Market. This new version gives you new ways to find great applications and games , purchase books and rent movies.

This update will require Android 2.2 devices and will be deployed in the coming weeks.
No need to wait with Arctablet, we are offering the 2 ways to install the Market:
– you can download Android Market 3.0.26 APK and install it yourself.
– or follow the installation procedure using ArcTools (prefered method)

Installation procedure using ArcTools

This part goes thru the procedure to install latest Android Market 3.0.26 on Archos Generation 8 devices. Please note that this is valid only on Archos Gen8 devices (Archos 28, Archos 32, Archos 43, Archos 70 and Archos 101 Internet Tablet). It has been tested on stock devices and does not require a specific firmware or root access to your tablet.

Installing the Market using this method does not void your warranty
and should not cause data loss or system problems.


Detailed procedure

  • Step 1: This procedure is valid for devices having an existing Android Market installed (version 2.2.7 and up) thru ArcTools or other ways. Please refer to ArcTools Market installation procedure

  • Step 2: Start ArcTools from the Applications list

  • Step 3: Select « Default Apps & Market v3.0.26 » from the list (it should be selected by default)

  • Step 4: Press Download button

    The application should now start to download the installation archive, it will take a few seconds

    When finished you should see the message « Download complete, please now press ‘Install Apps’ button »

  • Step 4: Press Install Apps button

    After a few seconds it should display « Install complete, please reboot »

  • Step 5: Reboot your device

  • Step 6: Start Android Market

Enjoy your new Android Market 3.0.26

Please comment this article to let us know how it went for you.


  1. When I Press « Add Account » throw me out. Android Market installed by Arctools not start! I tried all versions, but none did.
    I want to install 3.0.26. Go only one that installed from gApps4Archos2.apk (Froyo).
    I have A101IT

  2. in onother thread about Using ArcTools Google Market and Apps installer for Archos Internet Tablet 101/70/43/32/28 is mentioned that to
    Prepare your device.
    if you already have a Market installer application on your device, you need to reset your device
    but on this thread on step one it says that This procedure is valid for devices having an existing Android Market installed (version 2.2.7 and up) thru ArcTools or other ways
    it cant be both correct right?

  3. the only market version o market i manage to install on g8 101 internet is 1.8.2 with gapps4archos apk.tried a lot of market version and various apks.i see that the 3.0.26 to be installed a working 2.2 or higher has to be allready installed ,but when i try through arctools (and through other ways as mentioned) to install one there was no success (market installs but wont open ,or asking to create an account and then nothing happens,even if i try to create one through tablet settings.same errors with the 3.
    anyone manege to overcome similar issues?

  4. This item is not compatible with your device. Archos A70H.
    Why does Android Market, version 3.026 > 3.0.27 installed through arctool 0.50, display the « This item is not compatible with your device. » message for some apps like Google Voice Search, Nimbuzz, Yahoo Messenger, Yahoo Messenger Video Plugin…
    I was able to find them and install them long ago (market 2. something and fw previous to latest 2.3.81).
    Not anymore.
    And why does market identify it as Archos 70 H, when it is an Archos 70 IT 250GB? I guess some trick/issue in the arctools market hack.
    As I said, I did manage to install those apps through android market using the markt fix (not working anymore apparently) and they did work (evejn if Voice Search always failed the first time).
    How can I find/install those apps again.
    PS: I lost them after resettinig android to fix a very slow screen rotation issue.
    tinto de verano

    • Hi Hau, I was having same problem with you but now I have solved it!

      First you need to reset your Archos. Then re-install appslib and arctools. Let arctools select which Android Market version.

      Voila, it should works now. Add your google account, fill it with your credential.

  5. I reset android to latest version. Downloaded Arctools 0.50. downloaded and installed market 3.0.27 opened it up, logged in great it worked. I then closed it and reopened it and it had reverted to version 2.3.6 . Hows that then????

  6. Hi there,
    Is there any new working market fix that will allow us to find apps like Google Voice Search, Nimbuzz, Yahoo Messenger, Yahoo Messenger Video Plugin…and other apps that are somehow hidden/not found when searching the new market 3.0.26 on an archos 70 IT 250 GB.
    tinto de verano

      • So I did an Android reset, lost all my apps and local data even though it said it would not delete local data and I now know not to trust what it says and be extra careful to backup. Now I have the market back, but it forgot all my apps… so I have to find them all again… Not only that, but the reset messed up my Amazon market and now it doesn’t list some of my paid apps anymore. I imagine it can be worked out with Amazon, but this is the WORST app experience I have had on my Archos tablet. I think it should come with a much better disclosure of the risks and how bad it is when it screws up your device.

  7. Voice Search?
    When I first got my Archos 70 IT 250 GB, I installed the market through arctools.
    Using the market fix I managed to find and install Google Voice Search, Nimbuzz, Yahoo Messenger, Yahoo Messenger Video Plugin…
    After recently resetting android to fix a very slow screen rotation issue, I have reinstalled all the apps I have managed to find.
    I have tried both the old market and the new 3.0.26 (currently installed). The market fix does not seem to work anymore.
    I CANNOT find the above aplications in Google Market (nor AppsLib) anymore.
    Google Market says apps like Nimbuzz are not compatible with my device… so some black list does prevent them from being found and downloaded, I guess.
    Maybe someone could direct us to the apk files for Google Voice Search, Nimbuzz, Yahoo Messenger, Yahoo Messenger Video Plugin…
    And also comment whether they work properly.
    I remember Voice Search would always give an error the first time I spoke, but then worked very nicely. In fact even Google Translate (which I can find and install) used to work witht the voice feature (not now though).
    Help really appreciated.
    tinto de verano

    • Hi Phoebs and Pierre,
      One question: did you have the previous Market version working before and did you have a working google market account?
      Notice « Step 1: This procedure is valid for devices having an existing Android Market installed (version 2.2.7 and up) thru ArcTools or other ways ».
      I did a « Android Reset » on my Archos to IT 250 GB with july’s 2.3.81 firmware to correct a slow screen rotation issue. Then I installed the new market, and it worked.
      By the way, I did another « Android Reset » and installed the old version to see if I could find some missing apps… more on that later.
      I did a third « Android Reset » and installed Market 3.0.26 again. Working fine, except for some apps missing… more on that later.
      Good luck.
      tinto de verano

    • I didn’t worked for me either, on my archos 70 8Gb, i also could only add an exchange account and not a google account.

      But after a complete reinitialization i first installed version 2.2.7 and after that 3.0.26 and than it worked.

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