(micro) SDCard benchmark, testing your Android device disk I/O performance


ArcTools now offers a I/O benchmark test feature to evaluate the performance of your device internal or SDcard storage. Please note that this benchmark is a work in progress and we may adjust the benchmarking procedure based on our users feedback.

We are trying to help building a list of reliable, fast and affordable microSD cards. With the help of users reports, we will try to identify fake or unreliable cards that you should avoid.

The I/O test consists on writing and reading a test file of about 90 MB. The file is made with random data, written to disk and read again. All operations include a verification thru a CRC32 test to make sure there is no data corruption.


  • Enter your Username, that will identify your reports on this page
  • Select device to test, either Internal Flash storage or SDCard (if available)
  • If you are testing an SDCard device, please select the Vendor, card Class and specify some details to clearly identify the card in the “Card description” edit zone.
  • Press Start button
  • Wait a few minutes until the test finished
  • Test results will be displayed on screen and uploaded to this site
  • Graphics and data table on this page will get updated after a few minutes

Last I/O benchmark submissions

(updated every 10 hours)
[m_include_file filepath=”/arctablet_text_bench_io2-grid.php”]


I/O benchmark on SDCard (top 30, SDCard write speed)

Please click on the link to filter results based on card capacity
[SDCard (all)] [SDCard Class 6] [SDCard Class 10] [SDCard 16 GB] [SDCard 32 GB]


I/O benchmark on internal storage (top 30, internal storage write speed)

Please click on the link to filter results based on device type
[(all)] [Archos101 IT] [Archos 70 250Gb] [Archos 70 IT] [Archos 43]


Thanks goes to Florian (@archoslounge) for this help translating this article and Jean-Luc for testing the application.


  1. I put the format in the description field.

    Looking at the results, it is interesting to see (and quite surprising) the range of performance for internal memory. I see most are around 10MB read/4MB write, yet some are as much as 20MB read and 10MB write (excluding clear outliers).

    I would like to suggest future inclusion of device type (43, 70, 101, etc.) and display of normal distribution (drop bottom and top 5% of results and avg the rest).

    • Thank you for your comments.

      We are in the process of adding the filesystem to the recorded data.
      We are questionning the validity of some tests and will recalculate data that may look invalid. We will try to correct tests that look suspicious by reviewing the “average” calculation. If needed we will remove incorrect data that seem not to represent a real situation.

      We will also add more charts: graphics by device type, a top 5 .

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