(micro) SDCard benchmark, testing your Android device disk I/O performance


ArcTools now offers a I/O benchmark test feature to evaluate the performance of your device internal or SDcard storage. Please note that this benchmark is a work in progress and we may adjust the benchmarking procedure based on our users feedback.

We are trying to help building a list of reliable, fast and affordable microSD cards. With the help of users reports, we will try to identify fake or unreliable cards that you should avoid.

The I/O test consists on writing and reading a test file of about 90 MB. The file is made with random data, written to disk and read again. All operations include a verification thru a CRC32 test to make sure there is no data corruption.


  • Enter your Username, that will identify your reports on this page
  • Select device to test, either Internal Flash storage or SDCard (if available)
  • If you are testing an SDCard device, please select the Vendor, card Class and specify some details to clearly identify the card in the “Card description” edit zone.
  • Press Start button
  • Wait a few minutes until the test finished
  • Test results will be displayed on screen and uploaded to this site
  • Graphics and data table on this page will get updated after a few minutes

Last I/O benchmark submissions

(updated every 10 hours)
[m_include_file filepath=”/arctablet_text_bench_io2-grid.php”]


I/O benchmark on SDCard (top 30, SDCard write speed)

Please click on the link to filter results based on card capacity
[SDCard (all)] [SDCard Class 6] [SDCard Class 10] [SDCard 16 GB] [SDCard 32 GB]


I/O benchmark on internal storage (top 30, internal storage write speed)

Please click on the link to filter results based on device type
[(all)] [Archos101 IT] [Archos 70 250Gb] [Archos 70 IT] [Archos 43]


Thanks goes to Florian (@archoslounge) for this help translating this article and Jean-Luc for testing the application.


  1. I put the format in the description field.

    Looking at the results, it is interesting to see (and quite surprising) the range of performance for internal memory. I see most are around 10MB read/4MB write, yet some are as much as 20MB read and 10MB write (excluding clear outliers).

    I would like to suggest future inclusion of device type (43, 70, 101, etc.) and display of normal distribution (drop bottom and top 5% of results and avg the rest).