Android and Archos Gen8 Internet Tablet Performance CPU Speed benchmark


It has been few days since Android 2.2 (Froyo) firmware was released by Archos for their Gen8 devices. Initial testing showed the CPU has been dowclocked since this firmware releases, it runs on 800 Mhz instead on 1000 Mhz on the devices.

Despite the feeling the system is less responsive most benchmarks tends to show that there is no loss despite the lower clocking, it is even faster as you can see in our initial post here

This strategic downclocking choice can be partly explained by the Just In Time (JIT) compiler present on Froyo firmware, that offers speed improvements from a few % to 5x (depending on the operations). In that idea, devices running Android 2.1 (Froyo) runs as fast (if not faster) and in a more efficient way as
Android 2.1 (Eclair) and consumes less energy.

The company Archos made a statement regarding the situation, (thanks archoslounge and for the info)

We have set the ARM cortex A8 CPU to a maximum of 800MHz by default in order to optimize the battery life. All Archos products are using frequency scaling as a means to prolong battery life (e.g. when listening to MP3, CPU speed goes down to 300MHz). 1GHz is currently used for certain tasks like Internet browsing.
We are achieving approximately the same performance between eclair 1.0.84 and froyo 2.0.54 firmwares using Quadrant benchmarking software.
Note that there is an issue with Quadrant benchmarking software on our current firmware resulting in a false result regarding CPU speed evaluation. It has been fixed internally and we reach now a score of more than 1300 for the Archos43it.

We are trying to make our opinion on these, by doing some tests, and building graphics charts about the speed results. Everybody is welcome to contribute, just post your information on the comments from this post. Current benchmarking effort should focus on devices running on Android 2.1 as Quadrant benchmark seems to give erroneous results when ran on Froyo.

Please post your benchmark data as a comment below. The information will be automatically compiled every 5 mins (after comment approval) to complete the graphic chart. Be sure you have no tasks running (use a TaskKiller) when starting the benchmark. You may want to run the benchmark a few times as the results tend to vary quite a lot across the runs. Also, feel free to post your results if you don’t own an Archos Tablet, it is interesting to get some performance comparison elements.

If you don’t want to contribute with benchmarks results, you can still post regular comments, they won’t be incorporated in the charts 🙂

The comment should be formated with one data per line, as follows:

Quadrant version
Firmware version / OS Setup (as shown in Settings / About device Firmware version)
Quadrant Total
Quadrant CPU (optional)
Quadrant Memory (optional)
Quadrant I/O (optional)
Quadrant 2D (optional)
Quadrant 3D (optional)

Here are the results:


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