[Update] Android 2.2 (Froyo) with Market and Root on Archos 7 HTv2 (A7HTV2_22.11.zip)


A Froyo firmware has recently been released for Archos 7HTv2. This custom firmware is made by birdiebnl, hvdwolf from Archosfans forum and others that built a pretty decent firmware for RK2818 tablets that adapts pretty well on Archos 7HTv2, thanks a lot for your great work.


Please note that this firmware is valid only for Archos 7 HT v2 and will not work on v1.
If you are not sure on which version you have, please check our Archos 7 HT v1/v2 page.

If you have an Archos 7 HT v1 please visit our dedicated firmware page.

This custom firmware brings Android 2.2 (Froyo) to your Archos 7 HT v2 tablet.
Additionnaly, you get other interesting features such as:
– Android Market
– root access
– installed programs: Google Maps, Gmail Youtube and other applications…
– Support for Ad-hoc WIFI support thru AdhocAble for APAD

Android Market installation will require to apply Android Market fix to make sure all applications are visible.

We did test this firmware for a while and it did not reveal any loss of functionnality over offical Android 2.1 firmware from Archos. Moreover, it is pretty stable and feels faster than default firmware (Android 2.1 – Eclair).

Installed applications

Ad-hoc WIFI support thru AdhocAble for APAD


– Download A7HTV2_22.11.zip
– Connect your Archos 7HTv2 to your computer thru USB cable
– Extract update.img from the zip archive and copy update.img file to the root of your Archos 7 HTv2 device (either the device storage or the SDCard)
– Unmount your USB connection to your computer
– The following popup should show, asking to update the firmware

– Follow the instructions
– After the system is installed and everything is configured, you may want to apply Android Market fix to make sure all applications are visible.

Release information and version fingerprint

Android version : 2.2.1
Build number : froyo1.00 MASTER.eng.temp.20110127.104732

You can find other firmwared and informations on your device in our Archos 7HTv2 Archive


  1. I’ve tried to make upgrade of fw but after installation i got a lot of problem with browser , market and so on. Tried to go back to original firmware give me an error of wrong image (it was take from Archos website)
    Pls have you any idea for solve this?

    One example is with browser i can’t navigate because it give to me each time error and close himself A70BHT and build number say ECLAIR

    Thank’s in advance

  2. I have just upraded my 7 Home tablet to version 21 and I must sat it works pretty good if you have some patience and iron out stuff with forum recomends. My only issue is unable to successfully calibrats screen so need to rotate devise sometimes to select items. Thanks guys!! this device is finally worth owning!!!!!

  3. just like a lot of people here, i also couldn’t mount my archos on my laptop after the upgrade.
    i solved it in settings, there i went to USB Mode select, that gives you HOST MODE, there the possibility to have the usb work as host was checked so the usb was working in the direction of seeing what is on another device plugged into your usb (like a memorystick) on your tablet.
    If you uncheck this it means that the tablet can be seen on your laptop or desktop again.

    don’t forget to check the box again if you want to plug another drive into your tablet.

    hope this helps someone

  4. i rooted my archos 7 home tablet v2 8gb to android 7htv2_22.22 firmware.
    Everything is working fine except
    a. Now the tablet does not recognize my 8gb sdcard (it was working fine before rooting)
    b. My PC (Windows XP) does not recognize removable drives (archos and sdcard
    both). It just say removable drive but not accessible.

    I pluged in USB, PC recognises 2 drives but no access.
    I draw down top status bar, and there is “usb connected” option in list. I tapped on “Turn on USB storage”. But still no success.

    I also checked by toggling the USB Debug mode but no success either.

    Any idea?

  5. Thanks!
    I installed it on my device and it’s working great!

    the thing is I didn’t get the youtube and maps app…
    How can I install them?
    I tried ArcTools (even though I saw it’s for internet tablets…) but it gives me an error and doesn’t let me install it after downloading…

    Can someone help please?!

    Thanks in advance!!!

  6. I did some formatting but then after the flash storage of my A7c can’t be read by my Windows pc… Any suggestions to get this back to normal again…

    It also shows on my notifications that “internal flash storage safe to remove”.
    Usb gets connected butit wont connect to my pc…
    When i click on it, it showed “please insert disk in drive _”
    I tried resetting but to no avail…Please help thanks..

  7. I did some formatting but then after the flash storage of my A7c can’t be read by my Windows pc… Any suggestions to get this back to normal again…

    It also shows on my notifications that “internal flash storage safe to remove”.
    Usb gets connected but it wont connect to my pc…(inaccesssible)
    When i click on it, it showed “please insert disk in drive _”
    I tried resetting but to no avail…Please help thanks..

  8. Hi,
    I applied 7htv2_22.22 on my device. Installation works fine, but ..
    – Where are all the fine apps seen on the screenshot above?
    – I tried to install Flash. The Market tells me that my device isn’t compatible with Flash. Why? What to do to get Flash-support?
    Thanks for answering,

  9. hello

    i have a question my archos 7 home tablet v2 8gb is update to android 2.2.1.
    now i have a problem he wil not read te sdcard and he wil not connect white my laptop becourse the usb is not working.

    i have try everthing but nothing is working.

    i hope some one wil help me please to get it fix.

    sorry for the english becourse iam coming from the netherlands.

    i hope you wil help me pleace

    greats jan

  10. Hey, i’ve got a problem with all Web Browsers.
    When I start any of them they boot and after a while shut down and disappear.
    I’ve tried the normal Browser Software, Opera mobile and the Skyfire Browser.
    And my Computer cannot connect with the device.
    Please help me!
    Thanks Wendelburg

  11. serius Problem, attention please!!
    my archos 7v2 dosn’t recognize sd an internal storage after upgrading at 7htv2_22.22 firmware
    when i connect the usb cable my mac or pc not recognize nothing
    help me please!!!
    and sorry for my english i’m italian…
    tks in advance

  12. serius Problem, attention please!!
    my archos 7v2 dosn’t recognize sd an internal storage after upgrading at 7htv2_22.22 firmware
    when i connect the usb cable my mac or pc not recognize nothing
    help me please!!!
    and sorry for my english i’m italian…
    tks in advance

  13. hi guys,

    im having some isues, i have updated to the latest firmware, and now my Sd card is unable to mount, it just says its safe to remove, cant connect via usb, so have no way of getting files on to my tablet. also it doesnt seem to revert to eclair when i try reverting to factory settings!! any help would be greatly appreciated

    • I have the same USB problem , when i put in a sd card , using a sd reader in the USB connector ( any reader ) and i startup the explore application, and selected the USB , this message popup says : : This device has been unmounted

      I also had problems to mount the device in my computer after upgrade my tablet with firmware ( it didnt was accessible and had two Harddisks showing there ) The possible cause of this problem is your USB-ports have an error .

      That can happen, when you remove a USB-device (any, not only your Archos) while it is getting accessed to.

      This i had fixed with a little software called : USBDEVIEW .

      Here is that URL : http://www.nirsoft.net/utils/usb_devices_view.html

      The way to use that , i copied some parts from a other forum :

      You make a reset for the laptop our desktop USB dooing it this way .

      The “usbdeview” lists all your former plugged in usb devices.

      1. unplug your Archos (!!! IMPORTANT !!)
      2. Download this tool and start it
      3. Search for an entry called “Archos 7” (that would be listed as connected:no).
      4. right click on this device and select in the popup-menu “uninstall this device”
      5. confirm uninstallation
      6. reboot
      7. wait until your system is running again. Be patient, wait 5 minutes or so.
      8. Connect your Archos and select “mount” on its display.

      This is working for me , now i hope for a response from someone that resolved the mounting problem of a sd card with the archos 7 home tablet USB ( btw, I put the host to off ( into grey )

    • Sorry my mistake, it does not has to be not grey but host mode is ok in a green tab to mount your USB with a memory (music) card to play . Afcourse this is the problem as i mentioned here and shows me the message : this device has been unmounted so USB still not accessible .. any ideas to fix .. anyone ?

    • I am not sure what you mean by the battery didn’t load, please elaborate. Did you use version 11 or the newer 22 version? You can reload any version you wish including going back to the Archos version by placing the image file at the root of the SD card. Just use an SD reader on your pc to load the file on the card and then plug the card into the device. I will allow you to reload the version you want and will erase the file when done.

      • I used the 22.11 Version and solved the usb problem. With the battery: i meant it always loads a few %, then it stucks and i have to restart the tab.
        Now I installeted the 21.04 Version from the list above and everything works fine so far. But now, the battery is only loading if i shut it down. If the Tab is turned on or in suspend mode it displays “loading” and the battery smybol with the lightning but the percentage doesn’t change. (17% and 3 hours later still 17%)
        So i need to turn off the device every time i want to load it?
        Thx, Chris

        Sorry for my bad english.. 😉

  14. Hmm… Every time I go to an SSL page to signup / login the browser crashes. Is there no way around this? Do I have to import certificates? I only use the tablet for Google Reader but since it is impossible to login this is not working for me.

    Any ideas to make this work? Do I have to import SSL certificates manually?

  15. I tried it by placing the file on my SD card and it went uneventful, and worked. WiFi worked fine. However, some apps that previously worked under 2.1 no longer work. Aldiko would not load, always giving errors and it is my main reading app. Apps that are linked somehow to gps would not work, evidently due to the wireless code still being there somewhere. They would load on 2.1, one was CineShowTime and one was google maps. I was never able to get market to accept me even when I created a gmail account it seemed to need. The error said try again later. It does not report everything correctly, for example it does not say it is a 7 HT but some other device. The system reporting doesn’t report on the internal 8G but only on the RAM usage and my SD card. Interestingly it looked like it might support a USB data wireless card but I don’t have one or the needed adapter. The video app either had its own codecs or the system has added some for this release. I was able to use wmv files which never worked before. However, once I started a movie I was not able to abort it. The top bar would never appear. I finally had to use a paperclip to reset it.

    All in all it is a mixed bag but I really appreciate the ability to use this and check it out. I reverted but I will likely try it or something like it again in the future. I would like it to be a little more HT centric instead of phone centric. Is there any good way to avoid reloading all the apps? backup/restore perhaps or are there some settings that would get broken.

  16. I like the upgrade and for the most part, I have no serious issues. However, I cannot calibrate the screen. Each time I try, it says it fails. One corner will not work at all. Usually I will just rotate the Archos but some applications won’t rotate. When playing a game, it can be quite frustrating.
    I’ve went through all the settings trying to find something to maybe reduce pixel size, anything, but no luck.

  17. Thank you so much for this site. I have searched fro weeks trying to find this info. Had a couple glitches but for not knowing a single thing about tablets and programming, I think I did good. I’ll probably be back alot as issues crop up but in the mean I am happy. Thanks.

  18. Everything worked like a charm! Thank you, ADMIN, birdiebnl, hvdwolf!

    At first I had the same trouble with connecting via USB as many here report about but solved by running 7htv2_21.04. sync from SD. Just used a USB reader to copy the img file into SD, put the SD into my Archos, confirm update when asked.

  19. Hi,
    The firmware naming and the corresponding modification dates are somewhat confusing.
    Question 1: What firmware to install for the upgrade?
    Question 2: If not satisfied, is it possible to switch back to the original version?
    Thanks for answering,

  20. hello, please, i need your help:

    i downloaded that .img file
    by usb i connected with computer
    i couldnt copy it because it was protected
    in linux as sudo i could copy it there
    then i disconnected usb (by clicking, not cable)
    nothing happened

    what now?

    • The file need to be at the root of the storage area on the tablet, it should get detected when you disconnect USB mount.
      Try to check the path where you copied the file and eventually apply a reset to the device and copy the file again.
      If it still doesn’t work, you may want to flash using the Rockchip flashing tools (requires Windows)

      • thank you very much for such a fast answer

        restarting i already tried, otherwise i wouldnt even write, actually i am trying it around 7h already

        it surely is in root, at least i cant go nowhere higher in partition(150MB) that i see

        i also tried windows application/driver which i found there, only problem is, it doesnt ask me to find driver for usb

        i tried uninstalling driver, and chose to find location myself, but it doesnt accept folder with .sys and 2 other files i extracted (32bit, win xp)

        i also deleted some files from app folder (there wasnt enought space, only 50MB from 75 needed for .img), so maybe some of it is needed for firmware update?

        otherwise i am done with ideas

        • Not sure if you are dropping the file at the proper place, it should go to the root of the device storage, that is /storage or /sdcard (on the top of my head).
          On some Archos models, putting the firmware at the root of the microsdcard works too, that’s probably worth trying. In any case the flash should come when USB is unmounted.
          If that all fails, flashing with Rockchip tools should save you, only issue is to get the drivers to load. Maybe trying on another PC is a good option too.

          • ok, to be sure, here is content of folder i am trying as root:

            app build.prop fonts lib media usr
            bin etc framework lost+found update.img xbin

            plus file build.prop

            if that really is root then i will have to try another computer with windows

            once again, thanks for your help

            • Hmmm, if I remember right, the file should go in /media, that should be the place the USB mount appears on windows devices. Try to copy the file there. If it doesn’t work, try to mount the device on Windows and copy the IMG file thru the mounted drive on Windows. If all fails, I’m clueless => Rockchip flash…

              • ok, maybe it will help someone next, so here is what finally worked for me:

                i inserted SD card from mobile, formated both, archos partition and SD card, and copied .img on both

                when i ejected usb cable it has found new firmware, and wrote to not disconnect cable so i stuck it back

                then i just pressed ok and everything is fine, 2.2.1 is installed

                only problem left is, when i try to turn on adhoc for wifi, and turn wifi on, it gives some error always, and for normal also, so no wifi available

  21. Thanks for your firmware update. I use it now. All are ok. Like me some of my friends change their firmware for Archos 7 Tablet. We are Myanmar. I changed it for them. But they said “Why my device changed Welcome Screen to Entertainment My Way”.They feel it their devices are under someone attack. So can you help me? How can I change only this screen to it’s original. 🙂 please.

    • There are hundreds, if not thousands of satisfied users with the information given on Arctablet BLOG. We do it all for free and you should consider the time invested in the project and the help provided before shouting like you do.
      At least you could give some details on what’s going wrong for YOU.
      Anyway, it’s really hard to “ruin” your tablet unless you have absolutely no clue of what you are doing.
      Most issues can be solved and are correctly documented on this blog. We try, as time permits, to provide help to users as well.

    • I fully agree with your coment. How can they offer a new firmware without testing.
      I updated to 22.22 and now – there is no charging – battery is emtpy – and all the programs to resolve that great firmeware-rubbish are not working.
      That i learned to read coments before using a new firmware

  22. when i connect the tablet after i upgraded it to froyo.. the computer will for a driver for the RK2818 and the computer deas not recognize the tablet now which is the 7 HTv2.

    What will I’ll do now? please help me… I don’t want to go back to eclair 2.1 anymore.

  23. Hi Friends and Admin..
    I just updated my brand new Archos 7 v2 HT with this firm ware and i,m really happy..

    I did it with the flash tool i got from the admin of this site and because it was
    my first time i made a video of how it went..

    Feel free to watch or copy this video
    It’s also an Arctablet dot com promotional video

  24. I recently installed this custom firmware but I had several issues:
    – Can’t find a bunch of apps in android market (seems like some filter is avoiding to show them even after appliying market fix).
    – Photo app is not working well. The album load ok but when opening a picture it goes back to the album (no full screen showing).
    – Can’t install apps from other repositories.
    – When installing apps, they appear in phone screen format

    Sorry, I got back to original firmware.

    This firmware had to many bugs for me.

  25. After I upgraded Andoaid 2.2 I had some problem with the WIFI Internet connection problem not recognize the RACHOS
    In win 7 32 bit driver did not help, just in WIN7 64BIT
    I decided to return to the original version 2.1 of ERCOHS 7
    After I returned the version ANDROID 2.1 does not recognize the micro SD card in WIN 7
    DISK drive ID but does not allow access to it says locked away does not allow access
    What to do, have a solution?

  26. gran travajo , estoy probando todos , espero que no me buelba a petar ajjajaj , mi sesacion es de que esta currado , pero para el archos7 v2 le queda un pelin grade devido a que le cuesta moverlo, si se podria solucionar el tema de velocidad seria perfecto, tego mis dudas por que no se si la velocidad de procesador es 600 o 800 o 300 he pasado u tes al archos v2 y me dice que no llega a 400 pero enfin por 120 euros …..bueo aver si conseguis meter el ubuntu seria la leche , y si se podria meter el beni u el wifiway los dos estam basados en linus y comen un minimo de recursos
    el bei con 32 de ran ba sobrado y 200 de procesador , bueno compañeros a seguir currando….saludos a todos los del foro

  27. Nat able to activate wifi.

    I used the Froyo – Firmware a few days and it works very well.
    Today i tried the airplane-Mode. Wifi ist out, I expected that. Then i tried to get out of airplane-mode – not possible.
    I rebooted, the airrplane-mode is of, but no wifi. I tried to activate in the settings – no reaction. I tried to reset, but no succes.
    Can anybody help me?

  28. Hey!!!!
    I installed Archos7HTVersion2_2011.12 and now i cant see Archos root neither the SD, so have you or anybody some idea to update or change the firmware. If i connect the archos by USB i can access tu SD and maybe a partition of Archos Memory but is diferent when i enter in a file manager. The root is onlyread so i cant copy the update.img there.

    Any ideas????

  29. Im sorry but, when i insert a sdcard in the A7HTv2 and copy the image to it, there doesn’t happen anything.
    what to do? where do i have to copy the image to?
    ‘albumthumbs’, ‘data’, ‘DCIM’, ‘download’, ‘lrc’, ‘Music’, ‘Pictures’, ‘sdcard’, ‘system’ or ‘video’ ?

    thanks for reading

  30. The (custom) firmware is a must for this device. If you settle for 2.1 you are settling for an inferior device. Here are a couple of issues and fixes for ones above.

    Some people might have issues connecting/syncing this device via USB to your computer, but all you do is connect the device to your pc via usb, drag down your notification bar on the home screen and enable sync. Its similar to an android phone like this.

    Another is the firmware isn’t compatible with stock android photo viewer. I installed QuickPic from the android market and it works fine.

    And you gotta do the google market fix to get the full android market. I did it a couple times because it gets out of date.

    • Hi Manolin,

      I had the same issue and this solved it:
      When I plug the ARCHOS into my computer, the Windows Hardware installation window asks me to install a driver. What should I do?
      Normally, Windows should not do this because it should see the ARCHOS device as an external hard drive, for example ARCHOS 7 (E:). If you get the Hardware installation window, your device settings may have accidently been modified. Go to Menu > Settings > Applications > Development > USB debugging and uncheck that item. This comes right from the Archos web site.

  31. A pity about the driver problem. My laptop could not see the device, so i have to go back to eclair.

    There were other issues too, like some apps like the photo app not working properly and the froyo could not see the in built flash storage.

    Nope, this is not yet a finished work. More needs to be done. Like i said, back to eclair for me.

    • When doing this sort of thing, one of the most inportant thing to solve is the driver. You guys did not seem to include the driver in the package. That is a real bummer. Solve that plus the other issues and i will probably reinstall. I can’t do it as it is now. Too buggy and the lack of an included driver for W7 64 bit is a no no.

  32. after installation android froyo: – archos 7ht v2:
    – no conexion pc no driver in win7 and xp
    -no work usb , no work with pendrive memory usb.
    -I need drivers for win7 and xp.
    -when battery is 12% the tablet shut down and power off and charger is need.
    please thanks.

  33. Thanks Anthony, I fixed the wifi issue by re-installing the firmware, my computer still does not recognize it thought, is there a driver somewhere? Another issue is the status in “about device” is crashing every time, is there a fix for that?

    • after installation android froyo: – archos 7ht v2:
      – no conexion pc no driver in win7 and xp
      -no work usb , no work with pendrive memory usb.
      -I need drivers for win7 and xp.
      -when battery is 12% the tablet shut down and power off and charger is need.
      please thanks.

      • bro i have the same problem and a fix.
        sorry for my bad enlish
        i have the archos put in recovery and dan i lock de lock button till its done with the recovery.
        when its done i had for 1 minute usb conection and then i format de main disk on de arcos and put a new update on it.
        i reflash the arcos and now its good all the way.
        i hopee that i help you now.
        this updates from this site sucks and it will now good for youre device. greetings my friend

  34. Admin How are you doing..i have a serious question here..
    Can you guys make the firmware this way that it dont start up all
    these programs at the same time after a boot?

    Advanced task killer is the only way i can kill all useless processes hugging memory of the device..especially in the v1 running 2.1 firmware of this site..running Very well after killing the tasks..running on the background..
    How a bout a Android config witch lets you block acces of the programs to the startup manager..that would make even the slower devices run 80% better and faster and less stuck’s witch can only be fixed with a hard reset (pin at the back)

    I brought back the V1 and got my V2 Archos send to me in the first place after my first v1 broke down..so i will unpack and then do this update Firmware-i have another V2 that runs the origiina software ..so this one is to test and play ..:D

    Special Big Up to this site and the Firmware makers -without you guys this Archos device would be not so much pleasure.

    I,m making videos of my Android foundings so if you want you can always tune in – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vt1_jp9ufSY

    Admin please reply if you find the time 🙂
    R E S P E C T !

  35. First,
    Thanks,i did it,it’s working. Froyo on my v2 with full market.
    But i dont understand
    why 2.6.25 old kerner, if it is android 2.2.1?
    why 311mhz the cpu frek, if it has 800?
    why doesnt works games and freezz, if the froyo in game
    Can 10x more fps like eclair?
    I’w like play angryb. Armageddon sq. Toywars ect..
    But did not work any.

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