[Update] Android 2.2 (Froyo) with Market and Root on Archos 7 HTv2 (A7HTV2_22.11.zip)

A Froyo firmware has recently been released for Archos 7HTv2. This custom firmware is made by birdiebnl, hvdwolf from Archosfans forum and others that built a pretty decent firmware for RK2818 tablets that adapts pretty well on Archos 7HTv2, thanks a lot for your great work.


Please note that this firmware is valid only for Archos 7 HT v2 and will not work on v1.
If you are not sure on which version you have, please check our Archos 7 HT v1/v2 page.

If you have an Archos 7 HT v1 please visit our dedicated firmware page.

This custom firmware brings Android 2.2 (Froyo) to your Archos 7 HT v2 tablet.
Additionnaly, you get other interesting features such as:
– Android Market
– root access
– installed programs: Google Maps, Gmail Youtube and other applications…
– Support for Ad-hoc WIFI support thru AdhocAble for APAD

Android Market installation will require to apply Android Market fix to make sure all applications are visible.

We did test this firmware for a while and it did not reveal any loss of functionnality over offical Android 2.1 firmware from Archos. Moreover, it is pretty stable and feels faster than default firmware (Android 2.1 – Eclair).

Installed applications

Ad-hoc WIFI support thru AdhocAble for APAD


– Download A7HTV2_22.11.zip
– Connect your Archos 7HTv2 to your computer thru USB cable
– Extract update.img from the zip archive and copy update.img file to the root of your Archos 7 HTv2 device (either the device storage or the SDCard)
– Unmount your USB connection to your computer
– The following popup should show, asking to update the firmware

– Follow the instructions
– After the system is installed and everything is configured, you may want to apply Android Market fix to make sure all applications are visible.

Release information and version fingerprint

Android version : 2.2.1
Build number : froyo1.00 MASTER.eng.temp.20110127.104732

You can find other firmwared and informations on your device in our Archos 7HTv2 Archive