Adobe Flash 10.2 update leaked (Flash version


Anticipating Flash 10.2 official release on March 18th, we have found a leaked version Adobe_Flash_10.2.155.67.apk available which installs fine on Archos Gen8 devices (Archos 101, 70, 43, 32, 28 IT).

Other tablets, such as Archos 7HT v1/v2, 8HT, Arnova 10 should refer to our specific page regarding Flash for Rockchip based devices.


Installation is pretty easy, download Adobe_Flash_10.2.155.67.apk application, execute it, and voilĂ . Flash programs can now run in your Browser.

We are currently evaluating this new version performance with GUIMark please check back soon for detailed numbers.

Enjoy !


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