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ARCHOS continues to complete their line of connected devices. According to French website Usine Digitale, the ARCHOS glasses are equipped with a micro SD...

Presented 5 months ago, the ARCHOS 50 Diamond smartphone is the new flagship phone from the brand. It packs a lot of interesting features (4G,...

Latest firmware and custom root ROM

 [ RK3288 ROM ] ifive Air AOSP 5.1.1 custom root firmware (2015/05/20)
 ARCHOS 50 Diamond new OTA firmware released (rev. 107) still Android 4.4 KitKat
 ARCHOS 50 Diamond root procedure with CWM recovery
 [ RK3126 ROM ] Kempler&Strauss Playtab 4.4.4 custom root firmware (2015/02/28)
 [ RK3126 ROM ] Odys Mira 4.4.4 custom root firmware (2015/02/21)
 [ RK3126 ROM ] TWRP Flash-Tool & Root custom root firmware (2015/02/28)
 [ RK3126 ROM ] Cube U25GT-W4 4.4.4 custom root firmware (2015/02/27)
 [ RK3126 ROM ] Vido N70 ZZ 4.4.4 custom root firmware (2015/02/22)
  [ ROM ] Monster Tab 9.7 JB 4.2.2 custom root firmware (2015/02/21)
 [ ROM ] Vezen T1 Android 4.4.4 KitKat custom root firmware (2015/02/14)

Connected objets news

With 2014 being the year of all kind of connected objects, more and more companies are introducing their smartwatches. As a forum post on...

Following the succesful Webee campaign on, LILA is another home automation project on Kickstarter. On a few points, it is quite simillar to...